improve the user experience of your e-commerce

10 proven tactics for improving users experience of your e-commerce platform

December 10, 2020Web Design

User experience is just not about website design. User experience means a lot of things. It’s a combination of different things. For the greater user experience, every website element must work in harmony, from the menu to the pages.

If you want to improve your e-commerce platform’s user experience, then here is a list of things you can implement even in remote jobs . These are proven tactics, will bring positive results for your e-commerce platform.

1.First thing first; Improve the home page

“The first impression is the last impression” This goes hand to hand with the home page. The home page shows the first impression of your site in Infront of users. If the homepage can’t attract users at its first impression, they will leave the site without taking any action.

The home page is the lifeblood of a website. It is the first-place users land when they click on your site URL. After they move to other pages according to their needs, you must craft a great home page for your e-commerce platform.

People may use different elements to make their home page unique, uniqueness is good, but complexity is dangerous because it kills user experience. That’s why you should make your homepage simple, unique, and user-friendly.

Implement elements in your site that make an impact on your users, like the recent blog post.

When it comes to color, use it consistently. Also, use the color that matches your brand.

Always make sure that your homepage looks clean and simple. Here is a great example of ecommerce website home page design from THREDUP.

2. Use personalization for product recommendation

When it comes to user experience improvement, personalization plays a more significant role. Besides increasing user experience, it helps to sell a tremendous number of products. This tactic became very popular now. You can see a lot of e-commerce platform using it. Here how it looks like

You can use it in different ways such as; you can show it under products like ‘who brought this item also bought.’

Another way to show it as a trending product and best seller in a particular category. Here is how it looks like.

These methods work tremendously fine. Do you know why? Because it’s like one kind of social proof. When the user sees this type of recommendation, they thought there are reasons for showing this product, and people always like to buy the best thing.

3. Make your website structure organized and easy to navigate

Let’s say you enter a library with thousands of books on its shelves, and you are looking for a book about internet marketing. But when you check marketing shelves, you see storybooks, so what will you feel that time?

Throw all books from the shelf!

That would be my reaction.

The same happens when someone enters an e-commerce website and can’t find their products.

That’s why you must make your website structured so that people can find their desired product with a few clicks.

Let’s say you’re selling mainly women custom design dresses, besides that you also sell perfumes. In this case, you should put custom design dresses on the top. Thus, users can see and reach that with one or two clicks.

improve the user experience of your e-commerce

4. Mobile-friendliness

Mobile users are increasing day by day. Mobile phone counts more than 50% of total website visitor globally according to Statista. So, you can point out the importance of mobile-friendliness for the e-commerce platform. If you failed to make your e-commerce website mobile-friendly, you would lose 50% of your visitors.

Moreover, search engine giant Google introduces the mobile-first index. First, it will index the mobile version of the website. Then they will utilize this version for mobile related queries.

Creating a mobile-friendly e-commerce platform will increase your site’s user experience and bring more visitors from search engines like Google. Here is a perfect example of mobile friendly ecommerce platfrom.

improve the user experience of your e-commerce

5. Get customer feedback and utilize them

Do you know who your best teacher is in terms of business? Unsatisfied customers, yes, you’re reading right. Unsatisfied customers are those who teach you about needed improvements for your business. That’s why you need to collect customer feedback.

The best way you can implement this system is through automation. It’s a time-consuming and challenging fact to check one by one and send the email asking for feedback. Here the automation process comes into play. You can set a time after purchasing when your customer feedback email will be sent automatically.

Another method you can apply to attract buyers to give customers feedback is to offer them discounts after leaving customer feedback. For instance, you can offer discounts for getting feedback. It could look like; give feedback and earn a 25% discount on the next purchase.

Solves problems, which you know through customer feedback. Therefore, your e-commerce site user experience will increase.

6. Introduce save to whilst option

Buying a product consists of a few cycles. No one buys a product at a first impression. Buying cycles consist of phases like research. For instance; Let’s say you’re trying to buy a smartphone; in this journey, you will check different brands phone in your budget then finalize two or three models, you will buy one of them, in this case, save to whilst option is a great aid. Without saving to whilst option customer will lose their picked products. But with this option, users can come back and buy their saved item from the whilst.

Here is how Amazon implement this option.

improve the user experience of your e-commerce

7. Introduce drop hint features

It is another excellent feature that can take the eCommerce website user experience to the next level. For instance, one of your friends was looking for a birthday gift and talked with you about that. When you are browsing an e-commerce website to buy a product, you see something that would be a great gift. Then you send the product to your friend email using hint features. If your friend likes the product, he will come back and buy that. Therefore, these features add an extra flavor to the user experience.

improve the user experience of your e-commerce

8. Make use of social proof

Things like social proof work like customer testimonials. You may know the effectiveness of customer testimonials. It plays a great role in conversion. It can increase your conversion rate by a few times. Besides improving conversion rate, social proof improves user experience significantly.

You can add social proof, such as comments from different social media platforms on your e-commerce platform, as customer feedback. Even you can show email subscribers and followers. It will increase trust among your users.

9. Provide product information clearly

When it comes to buying a product online, there are endless opportunities.  But the gap always remains about product information.

Here you should make the difference. When providing product information, make sure that all information is clear and concise. Never say anything less or more about the product. Use real-life images instead of using graphic images. It increases trust within your customers, thus improves users’ experience of your e-commerce platform.

10. Make the checkout process simple and secure

Do you know the users leave e-commerce websites because of the complex checkout process? So how could you improve user experience without improving the checkout process? Almost impossible. 27% of users tend to bounce back when they face a complex checkout process. That’s why you should make the checkout process simple so that users can complete checkout within few clicks.

Final words

Improvement of user experience is not a matter of one day. You need to improve it consistently. You need to figure out what problems your users are facing and solve that regularly. Always think about user experience improvement of your e-commerce platform, and implement them through A/B testing.

Still, struggling to improve the users’ experience of your eCommerce platform?

Don’t worry! Devsyntech can help you out. We are experienced in developing users’ friendly e-commerce platforms for years.  Our specialized team for e-commerce development is always ready to make your e-commerce platform better.

Feel free to contact us for suggestions.

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