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10 Secret Techniques your website design convert as a customer

March 27, 2019Web Design

Sometimes it may happen with your website that it is not getting the expected traffic even after being equipped with almost all the necessary things needed to attract the searchers. It is obviously unfortunate and can break you from inside ultimately shoving you into a great depression. But, before you enter the cursed kingdom of depression, we humbly request you to rethink what are the probable things that you can still add to your website.

After thinking deeply over the matter, you may find some vital clues but we recommend you not to be limited to those ‘some’ clues as there are many more of them. To help you jug up your brain regarding the remaining crucial clues here follows the complete list of our tips. We strongly recommend you to go through each of the tips and work with widely to make your site more resourceful so that the expected traffic is achieved in no time.

Adding an service overview to the home page

A proverb goes “the first impression is the last impression”, which mightn’t be applicable to all the things or places yet it’s 100% relevant to the betterment of your website. For instance, if your site provides car-related services outstandingly but it doesn’t contain a service overview on the home page then there is a big chance that the visitors will not go through each line to know about the services.
Because they hardly have time and patience enough to explore the services going through thousands of lines. So, to create a positive impression, in the beginning, you must add such an overview to the home page.

Building landing pages

A landing page, also known as “destination page” or “static page”, shown up in answer to clicking on any SEO search result, an online ad, marketing email, or marketing promotion. To say in simple, it is the entree point of your site or a specific portion of the site. Building such pages help you get “Google AdWords campaigns” proliferating conversion rate and achieve a sale or lead for a comparatively low cost.

Adding review and rating system

It is already a proven fact that customers find your services more trustworthy if your site includes reviews and ratings of the previous clients. Do you know the extent of this trustworthiness? It’s unbelievably 12-times more than that web page that doesn’t feature such a system.

Therefore, it is imperative for you to add the review and rating system noticeably and make the utmost attempt to secure more and more positive reviews with the increasing rating.

Making the sharing easy

A proverb says that the more your business is advertised the more it gets the extension. Keeping this fact in your mind rooted, you cannot but make an easier system for sharing the site on social sites.

So, from next time, whenever the visitors find any of your blogs impressive that might be necessary for their friends and relatives, they will obviously share it if a simple sharing option is available for them.

Making the purchasing easy

Besides making the sharing easy, it is also imperative for you to ensure an easy purchasing system for the visitors. Often, this option inspires them to buy something on the spur of moment without thinking deeply. So, you get your product or service sold before the customers’ mind is changed.   

Making impressive videos

You may know that out of the best 100 search results 70% includes product or service review videos. Even it is estimated from an effective analysis that your visitors are 64-85% more possibly feel positive about your product or service if a relevant video is available.

Hence, you cannot help flowing with the mainstream to survive in such a competitive online marketplace. So, try to enrich your site adding the pertinent and attractive product or service related videos.

Making user-friendly web design

A user-friendly website is such a site that is responsive equally to all kinds of users. For example, some of your visitors may be mobile users while some other might be tablet users. So, what you need to do is to ensure that your web page understands the screen size and show layout on the basis of it.

This is to keep you informed that half of the total e-commerce revenue of 2017 came from mobile e-commerce revenue.

Keeping the website fast

An investigation shows that if your site takes around 10 seconds to fully load, no matter how much good contents are in it, the visitors are going to shift to another website. That’s why you cannot but make sure that your site completely loads within a blink of eyes. For this, the site requires regular maintenance and bugs removing.

Keeping the interface simple

There are many good websites yet don’t get expected traffic and one of the key causes might be a complex interface, which is filled with piles of information both necessary and unnecessary. This sort of interface makes visitors confused regarding what to read? Where to look? Therefore, always keep your site’s interface simple with the depiction of necessary data only.

Choosing a satisfactory color combination

Using a color combination to decorate your site is obviously not a sin but choosing a combination that irritates the eyes is simply a blunder. Such an irritating combination forces the visitors to leave your site early. Hence, being careful of this fact is a must.

Final words

The tips discussed are out and out required to increase your website’s traffic shortly. We know that you are already in hesitation regarding where to get such web benefits design Orlando Fl. But, we request you not to have hesitation as Devsyntech Orlando web design firm is always ready to be by your side with its expert SEO and web design teams. The teams are not only knowledgeable and experienced but also hearty enough to build your website in the best way considering your recommendations significantly.

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