10 Types of Visual Content for SEO

June 13, 2019Seo

Human has a psychological resonance for visual activities. Medical science said almost 90% of data or information transmitted to the brain is visual and it is considered that 65% human is visual learners. At present, marketer use the technique to establish their brand and products on people’s mind. Even in a content marketing campaign, SEO experts give priority on creating visual contents rather than writing only text content.

As an online marketer, you are always thinking about content boosting with SEO and taking your content campaign to the advanced level. In this contest, visual content can play an effective role in getting traffic from search engine. Here are shown 10 types of visual content for SEO boost up.

1. Infographics

Infographics with the right theme, color, shape, and design will be a good tool for your landing page optimization. Recently, people’s trend is to search image on google. In your infographic, you should put your all information with the right shape. You should not make it complicated for your users. If you have an infographic with rich text and image, it will help you to reduce the bounce rate as well as grow up content rank on google. Make sure that your infographic is easily understandable to your audience.


2. Gifographics

Gifographics is almost as similar as infographics. Basic difference between them is motion image or shape. When in infographic, we use only text and image. But in gifographics, you have to use motion image which is more attractive then static image. You can use this types of gifographics on social media platform. Surely it will increase user’s experience on your site. We know `user experience’ is one of the major rank factors on google. That’s why you can use gifopraphic rather than plain text content.

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3. Meme

Images with humorous captions are known as meme which is now a great ways to set your brand apart from others. Presently meme is used as strong visual content. It helps to increase the interaction of audience and gain the actual engagement to spread your brand. It helps your content rank on google by increasing social signal. Using proper theme and message in meme, make it more enjoyable to your audience. Because meme encourages your audience to share your content on their social media profile.


4. Simple video tutorials

Video is the most common and effective content at present. People spontaneously convert their passion for watching video rather than reading long text content. You can make simple video tutorials with a relevant topic. It will help you make your blog as an authority site. Considering ranking, google gives extra priority of authority site. Otherwise, you will get a huge amount of traffic from video marketing.  You can gain tons of traffic through your video from video sharing site, such as youtube, vivo etc. Experts said that video content campaign is thousand times better than text content campaign. However, You can get more information from corporate video production company in Dubai

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5. Image Quotes

Social media platform such as Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of traffic. You can use relevant quota with an image. It will make image more attractive and shareable. Quotes could be educational, emotional, funny, personnel and more. You must have an embedded social share option with image quota so that people can easily share it on their profile.

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6. Visual Presentation

Visual ads presenters are 43% more effective in influencing audiences to take an action than normal presenters who is not used to use visuals. A good presenter has the quality to create great impressions. This is a formal way of communicating with the audience and persuading them to take action. You can make live video presentation through your blog. To create brand royalty it is very important to make interaction with your audience. In this case, visual presentation can be an effective tool.

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7. Statistics Data with Chart and Graph

Try to make your topic and content unique as much as possible. By providing unseen data in your blog, you can attract audiences. Not only your audience but also search engine likes data. By making your content more information than your competitors you can rank on google easily. Even it is more than better if you can use proper chart and graph to show these statistics data. If you can show some statistics data on your blog that makes your content rich for any search engine. Also your audience shows interest to share these data.

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8. Real-time Screenshot

Screenshot works for visual verification of your followers to trust your company service or product. To increase your credibility, you can use these tools. Suppose you are an app owner, you can make screenshot for showing your audience steps by steps working process of the app. It will make your app more trustworthy than before. At present real-time screenshot considers as one of the easiest visual content element. Screenshot with proper alter tag and caption is visible on the search engine.

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9. Flip Books

You can publish a weekly, monthly or yearly magazine or flip book. It will be printed but you can use the pdf format which you will upload on your blog. And make an option to your audience so that they can embed code of this pdf to their own website. When they embed code on their website, you will get a backlink from their site. In this why, you can get quality backlink for your landing page. The idea is new and as usually bloggers are not familiar with these techniques. The name of this technique is flip book. We believe on the tag, ‘Do extra to get extra’. That’s why we highly recommended you to use this ‘flip books’ technique for better SERP result.

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10. Cartoons & Illustrations

What do you think about cartoons? Is only child like cartoons? Actually, cartoons are liked not only child but also Adult people. You can use cartoons on your blog for better impressions. There are many free images to cartoon making software available on online. Illustrations is one of the powerful technique to empress your audience. Illustrations, which is created by you, must have to look professional that indicates a clear message of your brand.

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Extra Tips for You! Make your blog post with questions or puzzle or quiz. Every click from your visitors will be countable to google. Google loves user’s engagement on your website design and even google mark every click. That’s why making a quiz end of the blog post is a very good idea. Even you can make a quiz contest so that people love to share your content on their social media profile. You can offer the audience some prize for sharing your contest. Nowadays, this is a proven strategy of promotion.

Enjoy Full Advantages of Visualization

Visual content encourages your audience to discover more about your product or brand. You should be careful about the quality of the visual content. However, a high-quality visual content is a thousand times better and effective than plain text content. Otherwise, making visual content with low quality will be doing more discourage your audience than encourage. Any types of visual content will able to boost up your SEO rank faster because of better user experience. Just, you have to make sure that all of your contents ought to be in excellent shape and styles.

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