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5 Tips To Boost SEO Google Ranking

July 2, 2019Seo

Hello, this time we will talk about free SEO tools to boost your Google rankings search engine optimization as well as free SEO tools can be quite an intimidating subject for new WordPress sites to tackle here we’ve assembled a collection. These are the tools that many of the Digital marketers use for your brand, companies, Digital Marketing Institute. and etc. to boost there google ranking.

You may also want to check out this content at scale review for some tips to boost your SEO google ranking. Five free SEO tools for WordPress to help improve your Google rankings including our advice on how they can help you climb the ladder to the very top of the search queries.

  1. Let’s get started Pingdom speed test is a simple tool that enables you to measure exactly how long your site takes to load down to the minute seconds just enter the URL of the site you want to test pick one of the available server locations then sit back for a few seconds.

5 Tips To Boost SEO Google Ranking


while it produces a detailed report aside from load speeds bing-bong will also compare how your site stacks up against their database and archive tests and provide you with a list of performance insights you can put into action to improve your metrics now you might not care too much about how fast your site loads as long as it’s quick enough but

  1. Search engines do, so if you want to boost your book rankings, even saving a couple of milliseconds of your page speed might just be the ticket to get there. Chrome Dev Tools is a suite of web development and debugging tools built right into the Chrome browser. They include an elements panel, which enables you to manipulate your CSS and see how the change looks in real time, and a console that provides you with real-time diagnostics. You can see at Web20 ranker feedback the advantage of having this SEO as a marketing tool. You can read more here to master marketing in Google.
  1. The network section with insights regarding your site’s performance among many others just right-click anywhere on the page select the inspect option and once there click on the network tab finally press the f5 key to begin your first test once the test is complete you will be presented we list of every single request made to the side and how long it took to complete as well as an overall loading time this list will show you which elements need to be optimized CSS and JavaScript can be easily optimized using the switchable plugin when referring to Alexa we must make a decision between its free site overview service and this premium marketing stack which only a professional SEO offers a short free trial period since we’re talking about free SEO tools we’ll be focusing on the former and how it can help you to improve your Google rankings

5 Tips To Boost SEO Google Ranking


  1. The 4 Tip you can check your Google Ranking with Alexa tool This tool keeps the tracks of your site’s global and countrywide ranks using its own operates alongside historical data which enables you to see how your performance progress over time the site overview also breaks down the counties your visitors are coming from which is useful from a geo-targeting perspective most importantly you’ll be shown a rope outline of your top performing keywords.

In search engines using this data you can decipher the content that’s performing well then use the information to either shuttle more related posts for your WordPress blog reinforce low performers with better content or simply retire shooty keywords the Google Keyword planner enables you to obtain search volume data and historical trends for the keywords you choose Analyze.

How much competition there is for them and dissect information on related keywords organized according to relevance with this data in hand you can quickly select highly performing keywords and build your WordPress posts around them these keywords can also be used in conjunction with u.s. SEO plug-in to help improve your Google rankings

5 Tips To Boost SEO Google Ranking


  1. Finally, Google Trends is a powerful free SEO tool all by itself but it shines when used alongside the Google Keyword planner while the planner enables you to identify potential future keywords for your content Google Trends provide you with hard data concerning keywords interesting.

Using Google’s vast database of search histories you can even use the tool to compare interest in multiple keywords at once and break down the regions for which they are most relevant historical trends can be an influential factor when determining the viability of keywords for example did you know that interest in WordPress themes usually Peaks each year around January and February the Savior WordPress blogger would heat this data and schedule a team round up around that time right to boost your


The most important thing is to care about the Font, Style, Image because this image your load speed many of website use different font style from the google font so, you valid font and don’t use unnecessary emoji and images. last but not least kill linked fonts and use native bugs instead that’s right so this is just an option so a lot of people really like using google fonts or fancy fonts that are provided.

All those are fonts that you can use that are native or system fonts and so those types of things are a good way to do that I think that’s it right we want to Faster the WordPress Website Speed.

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