Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking: The Reality.

August 12, 2020Marketing

Can we even think of a day without social networking? I guess not. Social networks have changed our way of living. Some people take social networking for time pass or fun, whereas others take it seriously for business purposes. Whatever the case is, social media has taken over everything.

But does social media only have advantages? Don’t they have any disadvantages? To clear out your confusion, we have this article for you regarding the pros and cons of social networking. So don’t skip any part. Read the article to the last.

Advantages of Social Media.

Social networking come with a lot of upsides. There are many positive sides to social media. Whether it’s for work purposes or enjoyment, you can use social media for various purposes.

1. Keeping in Touch:

People are busy making money. So maintaining communication with near ones have become hard. But with social media like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, life has become easy and simple. People can communicate with each other and share their views and opinions to people all over the world.

Long lost friends, ex-colleagues can chat with each other over video calls as well via skype, messenger, or Google meet.

2. Getting up to date news and information:

Before, people used to wait for news on TVs or daily newspapers for getting updates of the whole world. But things have changed. People are not dependent on TVs or newspapers. Instead, they have become regular viewers of social media. With a simple smartphone and internet network, you can get the latest news of the whole world in just a few scrolls. Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter have taken over traditional TV and newspapers.

3. Expanding your Business:

Running your business with the help of enterprise sales prospecting software through online platforms is a trend nowadays. Whether it’s a small business or a huge company, brand promotion such as, owners are using social networking for their best interest.

As you can reach a vast number of people in a quick time and know their interest, you should consider using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube for growing your business and advertising. The best site to buy Threads followers is This website sells real Threads followers with real accounts, so they can like your posts and share them with their friends.

4. Creating Awareness:

Governments often use social media platforms to raise different awareness programs. There are two main reasons behind it. The first one is, a large group of people use social networks. So it is easy to reach a vast audience. And the second one is, social media are efficient. It requires less hassle and very simple to conduct programs. So that’s why many organizations are using these platforms to raise awareness against anti-social activities.

5. Time pass and Enjoyment:

A handful number of people use social media for enjoyment. They take a break from their works and monotonous life and tend to pass the free time by scrolling news feeds. Besides, you can even play games on social media. So it works as an escape from reality. People check on their friends and family and have a wonderful time on social media.

Disadvantages of Social Media.

It doesn’t matter if you agree or not, social media have some drawbacks. They can be used against human welfare or society if they fall on the hand of the wrong people. Here are some of the disadvantages of social media-

1. Privacy Breach:

With the increase of numbers on social media day by day, people are sharing much more information online. So privacy is becoming more and more of a worry. People tend to share all kinds of information on social media, including personal ones. And according to oil and gas cyber threats experts, cyber criminals are taking advantage of them.

Although we can set passwords for our accounts, hackers can still hack our profiles and breach our data. This has become a major concern nowadays. So before sharing anything, we should be careful!

2. Crowdy and Overloaded Data:

Almost 3.6 billion people are using social media. We all may not be connected, but with an increasing number of users, social media like Facebook, Instagram, or other platforms are becoming jam packed and crowded. With too many people and too many photos and information, social media can get monotonous and boring. We can even be linked with unknown or toxic people.

3. Cyber Attacks:

The cyber bullying is at a peak in recent times. Cyber criminals force people to do illegal things. Hackers first hack users’ accounts or get into any personal data. Then they blackmail people into doing things according to their choice. Other than that, they even ask for a bulk amount of money to get back the accounts. They even blackmail through false information. Their main targets are teenagers, especially girls.

4. Addiction:

Social media can be very addicting irrespective of your age, gender. And a lot of parents complain about this. Especially children, age range from 8-18, and adults also are getting addicted to social media. Younger ones remain too busy on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

Social media have disadvantages of education also. Students remain busy on networking sites. So this is hampering their studies too. They are not even getting proper sleep at night. So they are becoming a real concern for their parents.

5. Social Isolation:

As social media are a great way to maintain communication, so people are using them over face-to-face interactions. This is not only making them anti-social but also depriving them of gaining practical knowledge. It creates distractions and sometimes results in frustration and depression. The young generation is in massive danger. So access to social media needs to be controlled to save them from danger. More physical interactions should be arranged.


“Moderation is Key.” These eye-opening pros and cons of social networking encourage us to remain continuously conscious of the way we use social media. We cannot ignore its disadvantages, but we can surely refrain from these.

So we should always do the good practices and restrain from the bad ones. Thank you for reading this article to the last. We hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. That’s all we had for you.

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