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Benefits of Switch from Web Development to Data Science

December 31, 2019Technology

What do you mean by Web Development?

Web development is that creative dexterity & technique that can help fabricate functionality in web pages with the utilization of programming languages. Applications, services & websites; all have their sources from programming languages.

This includes coding for those applications too. People usually want to learn to code because they want to develop apps on their own and don’t want to hire developers. Front – end development and back – end development are two significant bifurcations of web development. Constructing what people see on the web when they load an application is the front – end web development and what goes behind developing that web application is the back – end web development.

What do you mean by Data Science?

Data science refers to the detailed learning of the stack of information derived from enormous data amounts present in an organization’s warehouse. It incorporates the attainment of meaningful insights from unstructured data that undergoes processing via programming & analytical business skills.

This was the main task for industries until Data Science came into the tech world and gave us the more natural way of working and storing our data. The future is Data Science; which is termed to be Artificial Intelligence, which will take over the industry. All the ideas that we see in Hollywood movies and Sci-fi movies are all thank you to Data Science.

Web development vs. Data Science

  • Term

Web development was termed by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty in 2004, but it was initially termed in 1999 by Darcy DiNucci. Data Science was termed by DJ Patil and Jeff Hammerbacher in 2008. These both were the employees of LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Concept

Web development is a concept of creating websites for the Internet, which are public platforms and private platforms too.Data Science is a concept of a mixture of algorithms, technology to analyze data and statistics.

  • Coding

Coding in web development means the whole lot of process of developing the web includes only and only coding.Coding in data science means getting end outputs by feeding the system with commands to analyze data.

  • Language

In web development, we recommend you to use Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, JQuery, CSS, HTML, and Photoshop.In data science, we recommend you to use SQL, Stata, Python, R, SAS, Java, Julia, Scala, Haskell, C/C++/C#, and Matlab.

  • Work challenges

 The web is that space that goes through constant transformation. Web developers need to keep in mind the latest changes in web standards so that they can use when all browsers support it. Addressing the quirks presented by Internet explorer is another big workplace challenge for developers. Along with this, while in the development cycle, the developers need to work by keeping in mind the end user. Not just insert robust solutions but they have to keep the end product simple to use as well.

When it comes to data science, we must know that if 90% is data cleaning then 10 % is model building in data modeling. But the management sometimes presents irrational requests and changes that are challenging for the data scientists to handle. This mainly happens when the team leader or the manager is unable to apprehend the implications of the changes that look balanced to them.

  • Statistics, Data, Future

The dominance of trends like AI, Virtual reality, Internet of Things, 360-degree video, Motion UI will be prevalent in the near future in context to Web development.

Budding data scientists can get hands on easier tools & enhanced algorithms quality with the help of trends like Machine learning. Data science will cover Data engineering, architecture and visualization as well that will let data scientists work on business critical areas in the future.

Data science, to an extent, uses statistics; there is a need for either structured or unstructured data and the future of data science will lead to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Moving from web development to data science

Every industry is growing as fast as a fire spreads into the woods. The new technologies, advancement, updates, latest trends are wrapping up the industries so soon. The same way science, of course, is doing wonders and has got data science in the industry to help us make our work so easy and fun. When given a packed food who will like to cook? It is the case with science too.

Till date web developers have fabricated applications depending on surveys and groups regarding the requisites of users. Such traditional working method cannot incorporate the input of statistically huge amount of users. But this is going through a change because of the zettabytes of accessible data that is proffered by IoT. Immediate internet access has given rise to the growth of massive number of user-generated data that can be switched into actionable approaching.

The transition from web development to data science varies a lot in different industries, and the overall concept might be the same, but the industry is different. In the world of science, data science helps us with numbers as the output needed by the stakeholders of the company is provided in numbers for its easy understanding.


Is web development a suitable carrier in 2019? How to become a data scientist? This kind of question must be running in your mind. To clear the buzz, I have some self-analysis for you, ask yourself are you happy web developing or do you want to change into a data scientist. When you make your head with this, ask yourself, are you ready and open to new learning’s?

Choosing the path of becoming a successful Data Scientist is more lucrative as budding scientists can attain an average remuneration of $120k every year and delve into gaining more functional insights about Deep Learning. Machine learning will rule every field in the near future with trends like cloud computing optimization, Anti-counterfeiting, etc.

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