google AMP seo is the important

Google AMP and Is it important for SEO?

December 20, 2020Seo

Are most of your website traffic comes from mobile devices? Do you want to get more visitors from search engines? If the above issues are currently in your mind, then AMP could be the solution for you. AMP is a scaled-down version of standard webpages. Therefore it loads very fast. It improves certain ranking factors …

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6 SEO Tips to Improve Search Ranking

6 SEO Tips to Improve Search Ranking

July 23, 2020Seo

Getting high on search engine result pages is nothing less than a magic. Though, this magic is known as SEO or search engine optimization requires a lot of skills and patience as well. But wait is there any “FIXED” methods to get a place on the top 10 search results? You can check here for …

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On-Page SEO Checklist

On-Page SEO Checklist

November 21, 2019Seo

What is On-Page SEO? On-page SEO is the process of making adjustments to your site to help improve your ranking in the organic search results. This can be anything from meta data, to keyword usage and image optimization. It’s important to have on-page SEO and contractor marketing in place before moving to off-page SEO. If …

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Why manual outreach for link building is the way forward for SEO

July 20, 2019Seo

In order to drive in more traffic, a strong SEO is mandatory. SEO also assists the organization to get associated with the customers as well as new clients. SEO enhances the website’s ranking and also turns a website more remarkable. Apart from keywords and SEO, the most important aspect is link building. Winning links or …

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seo ux

Efficient ways to align UX writing and SEO strategy

July 17, 2019Seo

If you were surfing the web fifteen years ago, you’d commonly spot websites that are stuffed with keywords that weren’t even coherent sentences. These sites would rank high in Google’s search results. There is a lot to learn about niche edits service and SEO. Many points from a SEO perspective, an absolute zero from a …

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seo google rank

5 Tips To Boost SEO Google Ranking

July 2, 2019Seo

Hello, this time we will talk about free SEO tools to boost your Google rankings search engine optimization as well as free SEO tools can be quite an intimidating subject for new WordPress sites to tackle here we’ve assembled a collection. These are the tools that many of the Digital marketers use for your brand, …

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10 Types of Visual Content for SEO

June 13, 2019Seo

Human has a psychological resonance for visual activities. Medical science said almost 90% of data or information transmitted to the brain is visual and it is considered that 65% human is visual learners. At present, marketer use the technique to establish their brand and products on people’s mind. Even in a content marketing campaign, SEO …

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technical seo

What is Technical SEO everybody should know?

June 11, 2019Seo

Whenever we start a new blog or website, we tend to face a lot of competition in ranking our content higher than others on search engines. So, to improve the ranking of our content, we use search engine optimization (SEO). We know that SEO is mainly categorized as on-page SEO and off page SEO. SEO …

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