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full-stack development roadmap

Full Stack Developer that’s complete roadmap it will be helpful

August 26, 2021Development

Establishing ourselves as full-stack developer is surely a daunting task. It seems much tougher when we are drinking water while drowning, I mean when we are beginners in the coding field. As a beginner, it’s not surprising that we may have some desire to learn full-stack development within a few months. But things never work in this way. So here I am with my full-stack development roadmap.

What does a full-stack developer do? The answer is not simple and neither complicated. Full-stack developers need to master a bundle of skills. The basic skills needed are front-end, backend, database management, operating system, system design, version control, and cloud computing.

No wonder, a full-stack web developer is the most wanted career option these days; big-tech leaders like Google, Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, Microsoft always look for expertise on the front end or back end. In Arab countries such as website design company Jordan also search for expert developer for their company. To know the full stack developer responsibilities, you should follow my full stack roadmap for 2021.

Future of Full Stack Developer

Before talking about the roadmap and responsibilities of a full stack web developer, let’s just know why you should choose to become a full-stack developer?

You already know full-stack developers need practical knowledge about HTML, JS, Python, PHP, etc. This versatility gives them the flexibility they need as per the project. It makes it easy to choose the right tools for a specific job.

In this modern era, companies are run to create some new software products. They desire to build completely new things and which will be so exquisite in its performance. But without having any diverse technologist, it’s nearly impossible to create something unique.

Front-end Developer Roadmap 2021

If you go through the full stack web developer road map 2021 pdf, you will find some common tools to master for full-stack development learning. The tools I’ll serve here are the most basic tools to learn before making full-stack web development as a career.


HTML language is the most conventional and basic language before making any type of web design. Using it we define the content of a website.


For any type of database management work, you must know SQL(Structured Query Language).


CSS is another language for creating static web pages. To upgrade your learning of HTML, every professional suggests learning CSS part using Bootstrap, SCSS, Tailwind CSS, etc.


So you want to develop your skills as a next step developer, don’t you? SO learn about Javascript and DOM manipulation. Javascript may sound overawing at the beginning stage. The objective of javascript is to add dynamic features to your website. Most of the front-end and back-end frameworks require javascript. Javascript plays a vital role in any kind of organization, no matter if you are a junior or senior full-stack developer.


This is a kind of open-source toolkit that uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript. It helps to develop mobile-first and responsive web pages. Also, using it, you can design web pages way faster than other toolkits. It provides templates of forms, tables, navigation, and buttons. Furthermore, it works in favor of javascript plugins.

Angular JS

Another structural framework for creating dynamic apps. It is based on javascript and is totally an open-source web framework tool. The most satisfying news is that Google maintains AngularJS also use HTML as the template language. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of coding required.


Before learning about AngularJS, professionals recommend learning TypeScript. It is a very popular toolkit nowadays. Also, we use Typescript along with javascript as it has features like type checking.


I can bet you all have heard about Python before. The name scares us all, and like the name, it is a high-level language. Python was made for its readability and the ability to run into an interpreter system. You can use Python in an object-oriented way.


Probably the greatest and most popular coding language. You can only interpret PHP scripts where PHP is installed. It receives cookies and collects data.

Back-end Developer Roadmap 2021

Back-end frameworks are needed for creating an application, and it works as a dynamic application besides script. Like front-end frameworks, lots of options are available for back-end frameworks.


Another open-source and cross-platform that goes through various platforms. It works as a Javascript runtime application that runs javascript outside a browser.


As we are following the Full stack roadmap 2021we must know about Express. Js works as a module of Nodejs. Usually, Express is used for applications based on servers and listening for the connection requests from users. You can use it for hybrid web apps, multi-page and single pages.


Django is a high-level back-end framework that pursues a model-template view structure. Django is used for simplifying complex database-driven websites. Moreover, it is fast and provides a dynamic and clean design.

Additional Skills Required for Full-stack Development

To pursue the java full stack developer roadmap, you guys should learn a few other additional things.

 Machine Learning: Widely used AI in various kinds of industries. Now it’s being used in the web development sector too. It improves the coding without being precisely programmed.

SSH: It provides an invulnerable remote login from PC to PC. It makesures the integrity and privacy of data.

Linux: It’s not that mandatory to learn, but to know about how hacking happens and to stop the hack, Linux command works like magic.


  1. How can I be a full stack Developer in 2021?

    You must follow the instructions i’ve given at the beginning of the article and try to make yourself an expert on the front-end and back-end framework toolkits i’ve talked about.
  2. Is full stack developer a good career in 2021?  

Obviously, full-stack development is a good career for us. The world is run by the internet  almost, and websites are the primary base of the internet. So, stack developers are very much needed.

Final Note

There are so many vacancies for full-stack software and web development. You guys are on the right track. Just follow the roadmap I have talked about and make yourselves the expertise on the required toolkits. Hopefully, you’ll love the job.

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