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Generate quality organic traffic by following these proven methods

July 16, 2019Marketing

To get exposed and get the maximum benefit of your website it is quite relevant and effective to drive more traffic to your website. Generate qualitative traffic works as real icing on the cake.

To drag some decent amount of traffic, you should follow the steps which I will discuss in this article. This might help you to know how to obtain more money from your website by dragging qualitative traffic to your website.Without any further ado, let’s begin.

How to Generate Organic Traffic to Your Website

Land a Blog For Your Website

Blogging has the efficacy to generate more traffic. It is also identified as one of the best ways to allure new customers. Companies, who have their blog, have been able to gain a customer from their blog. The more you write for your blog, the more customers you get.

You can post a new piece of the blog at least 1-4 times a month. This will help you to position yourself as an authority in your industry.  Your blog should be informative and concise in subject matter so that the reader can get a clear idea of what he/she is reading.

Write SEO Optimized Content

The best way to attract organic traffic is content marketing. The key is to write on people’s interest. For instance, this article is written to make people understand how quality organic traffic can be generated.

Similarly, a free classified website dealing with used cars can write about content about which car is trending now, the ups and downs of car prices and channelize it to drive traffic to their product page.

SEO optimized content comprises of many steps, which starts from doing keyword research to then smartly promote the content to earn links.

Guest Blogging Acts as a Valuable Method

The importance of guest blogging has a widespread value. It has a connection with SEO and backlink building. To push organic ranking, publishing articles on websites other than your own have been a common, well-known and often practiced technique.

From the perspective of SEO service, you will choose your guest blogging platform as per your relevancy to your site, page, domain authority, and backlink allowance. On the other hand, SEO service only certain links are of value, the standards for driving traffic are different.  Some factors to be considered in the time of choosing a platform to drive traffic. These factors are as following;

1. Depends on the number of visitors per day of the site you want to publish on

2. Percentage of new visitors  on that particular website

3. Allowance of backlink

4. Relevancy

Free Blog Posting

You should keep in mind that you need to publish the right content on the right kind of platforms, to drive people who are naturally interested in your topic to come to your website.

Free Classifieds

Free classified websites play a pivotal role to drive more traffic on your website. A free classifieds site is completely country oriented. For example, you are from Dubai and you won’t sell your used car. You can post your ad on free classifieds sites in Dubai and you can find some good classifieds sites list in google. You can choose one of them.

To stand out from the crowd, your title must be attention-grappling. An informative short description will be preferred than gigantic essays. Subsequently, you can add your website URL in the ad form.

Pin Your Website and Blog Posts On Pinterest

Pin tersest is a great platform to promote your blog posts. To grab the attention of the people, a nice image is required. Canva could be used to create a nice image with the title of your blog post. Your blog post should be informative including hashtags.

Add Share Option

When you add a sharing button to your content, it adds much flavor of your content.  those who are reading your blog can share it instantaneously, and they will find it interesting as well. You can add popular social media like facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr in your content. you can also use the plug-in of WordPress, which are nowadays very popular.

Republish the Content

You can write and publish your blogs on Tumblr, Evernote, WordPress, and medium. You can also republish your content on these platforms with the links back to your site.

You can republish your blog in a week from the date your article has been published.

Google frequently indexed these websites, and if you republish right away, google may decide  the fact that the original article is hosted on the authority sites you republish your content

Comment On Blogs

Blog commenting on the relevant article is a great tool to drag traffic on your website. on top of that, if you are one of the first commenters, you may expect a lot of good traffic on your website. you can use RSS to put together a list with the best blog in your industry.

Try not to promote yourself. Instead of that, you can use your name as a link.

Create Infographics

Now a day, image says everything in the world of digital marketing and Infographics may help to spur your blogs and to repurpose your best content. Canva, piktochart can be used to create impeccable infographics, infographics add a new taste to content which is attractive as well. 

Create Slide Shares Of Your Content

You can transform your interesting article into a slide presentation. Slide share is the platform for doing this, as it is a high traffic website where you can get additional traffic.

Use less text on a single slide to get the best responses. Based on the genre of your article, check the best performing presentations on Slideshare.

To conclude, it can be said that the aforementioned points might help you to generate qualitative traffic to your website. Garner your skills by applying the mentioned tips and see how it benefits for your website.

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