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How Can I Improve The UX of Websites and Landing Pages?

June 26, 2019Development , Web Design

In modern business, each and every business person thinks about the online existence of his/her brand. If you have an online store or blog, you always should try to make your website understandable to your targeted audience. However, many of us just think about google rank and make our website Google friendly with considering users. This is not good practice. Moreover, a professional blogger thinks about user’s interaction as well as user’s experience rather than think about google. ‘ Users Experience’ in term of websites and landing pages, we can call it ‘UX’ shortly. In nutshell, it is said that professionals do not develop their blog for Google, they focus on their user’s expectation.

A professional knows that how much important it is to improve the UX of websites or landing pages. In modern SEO terminology, it is one of the top 5 ranking factors of Google. If as a blogger or website owner, you are not much attentive about improving UX, then surely your website based project will be a bolt from the blue. For all of this reason, you must have to gather proper knowledge about improving UX which is indicated as a top-level ranking factor. We, Orlando based web design and SEO service agency, are here to disclose some important and effective secrets for improving your site’s UX.

1.    Make Mobile Friendly Website using AMP

The full meaning of AMP is accelerated mobile pages. According to Statista, total number of mobile users in over the world at 2019 is more than 5.1 billion. Therefore you can realise after seeing the statistics of mobile users that how much it is important to make your website responsive for mobiles. If you are using WordPress you can install AMP (accelerated mobile pages) plugin to convert your desktop website’s design into mobile-friendly design. Moreover, AMP helps to increase UX of your website. Therefore, don’t forget to set it up.

Make Mobile Friendly Website using AMP

2.    Page Loading Speed

Another important matter of UX is page loading speed which is a major indicator of user’s experience for any website. You site speed pay a vital role for staying your audience in your website for long time. Even Google don’t prefer to rank a website whose speed is comparatively slower than it’s competitors. Therefore, to improve your site’s UX you have to increase your site’s speed and optimize page loading time as well. You can check your site speed by gtmatrix or Pingdom (both are free tools to use for checking your site’s speed). Moreover, for WordPress based website you can try speed optimized plugin to reduce loading time.

3.    Improve Your Website’s Security

For improving UX of your website or landing page, you must focus on the security of your website. You have to add SSL for your website. Without SSL, your website will be looked as like as below image. Imagine, you are a general internet user, if you visit a website and see a write up like ‘Not secure’,  you will close the tab as soon as possible and will not visit that website again.  Moreover, it is important to secure your website from hacking. If you are using WordPress, then there are a different plugin to protect your WordPress site as well. By using these WordPress plugins you can increase the security system of your site.

4.    Optimize Your Content to Engage Users

Content is the main part of your website. A well-optimized content will help your website to keep your visit on your site for long time and reduce site’s bounce rate. A professional blogger or web owner also focus on reducing bounce rate. Because, high bounce rate indicates your website is not useful to your audience and the impact of high bounce rate is very much alarming to any websites.

You can use bullets to highlight the key points of your article. Users like to read bullets. Experts say, the technique of bullets point helps to reduce 20% of overall bounce rate.

5.    Use Image, Infography or Gifography

People like image more than text. If you can use image, infography or gifography in your content, that will be great visible to your users. For example, you can see the wikihow blog, you write steps by steps guiding with nice customize the image, and they are successful to use this technique, and the user’s experience of this site is too high.

6.    Design A Clear Call to Action Button

CTA (Call to Action) is very important to add unique users experience with a higher conversion rate. Experts say, 27% of total conversion rate is depended upon CTA. As a blogger or an online affiliate marketer, you have to concern about upgrading your ‘call to action’ button. Colorful and well-designed CTA is the great way to gain the best possible conversion rate. Moreover, CTA also helps a lot to increase UX for your website or landing page.

7.    Interact with 404 Errors Page

Your users will not like to go 404 error pages on your site. 404 error pages create bad impressions of your website which leads worst UX. While searching on your website or search bar, users might not see the 404 errors page. If you are the owner of a website with this problem which is leading higher bounch rate and lower user’s experience, you ought to solve it carefully.

8.    Magnetic Headline

Probably you have heart the term ‘magnetic headine’ first time. ‘Headline’ is called the first impression of a landing page. People attract more if you can choose a good heading. Ads agency invest lots of money to develop a magnetic headline, because if your headline is eye-catchy then people will read the whole content.

9.    Add Question, Quiz or Contest

Involving your users in your website you can add quiz or contest in your landing pages. In this way, users will spend much time in your landing page which is a great indicator of UX. Nowadays many bloggers use this technique making more interaction with users. However, you have to careful using quiz or contest and you must have thought and designed properly before starting the contest. Otherwise, it will give you a reverse result.

10. Hero Shot

The picture is great which is worth a thousand words. Especially in your landing page you have to use such a powerful picture which silently displays the whole theme of your landing page. To grab users attention you must have designed a picture as like hero shot of your page.

There is no doubt that user’s experience is depended on exceptional features of your landing page. We, one of the best website design winter springs company, are highly focused on user experience because of two reasons. Firstly we love ‘growth and revenue’ which is generated by our landing pages. Secondly, we care about our visitor’s benefits.

Therefore, here is the final checklists of improving UX: content optimization, well-designed CTA, Image optimization, clarify the elements of landing page, clarify the navigation menu, optimize website’s speed and loading time, optimize article’s headline and meta description, improving website’s security and finally follow up your visitor’s activities on regular basis. In nutshell, user’s satisfaction is the key issue for any websites. Therefore, think about it and do for it.

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