Fix the HTTP Error 503 for WordPress Sites

How to Fix the HTTP Error 503 for WordPress Sites

February 19, 2020Web Design

You are trying to visit your site, but it is showing 503 error service unavailable, and you become so worried after seeing this. Well, don’t start panicking, it’s not a big issue at all.

HTTP error 503 can occur due to some server related problems. It is a temporary issue that can be resolved just by refreshing. But when it does not resolve within minutes, then it might be some other cause.

However, we have gone through all the causes that can be responsible for such trouble. So, in this content, we will show you how to fix the HTTP error 503 for WordPress sites. So, read it out and solve it yourself. People can also consider hiring Renewal Digital to get the best of all the WordPress features.

What Is HTTP  Error 503?

HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) 503 error is an error code that indicates that the server of the website where you are directing or trying to visit is unavailable. It is unable to connect you with the site, and so you can’t visit the site right now. We can develop website without any ERROR

It generally refers to the connection issue most often when the internet connection is down. But for WordPress sites, there may be some other reasons too. And the fact is you can’t know the exact reason as it only shows WordPress down right now, service unavailable, 503 error server down try after some time, etc.

Fix the Error 503 Service Unavailable

When you are getting this error message on your screen, then don’t be desperate about what happened to your site. If it’s not the connection problem, then also there are some ways that you can solve it yourself without causing any crack to your site.

Here we have mentioned all the troubleshooting on how you can fix the HTTP error 503 for WordPress sites along with all the possible causes. Let’s explore!

Method-1: Check the Server Connection

This problem mostly occurs for server problems, so start trying with the primary solution. If it does not solve by refreshing or redirecting the site again, then check your internet connection. Switch off your router or modem and then restart it after some time. Later, try to enter the site.

Method-2: Check Your Bandwidth

When you try to visit the site having too many traffics or visitors, then you may face this issue. For that, you need to check your bandwidth. You can check your traffic in Google analytics also. If that is the case, then trying after some time can resolve it.

Method-3: Check  Temp Files

Check if any temporary files, cache files, session files, or bugs are being stored on your can check them and clear those cache files in the temporary directory file from the FTP site or Cpanel file manager that given at first time by hosting provider.

Method-4: Check Your Logs

Check your site’s error logs. It may happen like your sites are having too many error logins, and it is causing your WordPress down. You can check them and fix them through the third-party services provided to you at first.

Method-5:  Check  Your Codes

If the above methods can not solve the problem, then you can go for this method. You may have some plugins that are interrupting access to your site. For this, you need to deactivate the plugins and then restore them.

Steps for Deactivating Plugins

  • Connect your server using the FTP client or Cpanel file manager
  • Now go to the wp-content folder
  • Rename the plugins folder as plugins- corrupt and then create a new plugins folder
  • And rename it as plugins

All your plugins are now deactivated. Now go to your WordPress site. If you see the 503 error is troubleshot, then be sure that plugins installed slower your site and cause your WordPress down. So, now you have to restore your plugins. 

Steps for Restoring Plugins

  • Go to the FTP client or Cpanel file manager
  • Delete the empty plugins folder that you just created
  • Rename the plugins-corrupt folder to plugins

Now, all your plugins are restored and available in the WordPress site. But remember that your plugins are not activated. So, you must activate them from the WordPress dashboard. After you have known your cause for error 503 so resolve it by disabling the corrupt plugins.

Steps for  Disabling Plugins

  • After activating your plugins, search and find the error plugins
  • Disable it through FTP site or cPanel file manager
  • Then report the problem to the plugin’s author

If the issue was in your codes, then after this method, the issue of your server down error 503  should be solved.

If the problem is not for the plugins, then go for method-6.

Method-6:  Change Your WordPress Themes

You need to change your WordPress themes and restore them to the default theme. Sometimes because of some upgraded themes, you may face this issue, and you may get mail also to update your WordPress themes to a plus version. But before that, you can restore the themes and resolve the issue without ugrading.

Steps for  Restoring Themes

  • Go to wp-content using third party service file manager
  • Go to themes and then check for the default WordPress themes
  • Any default themes from twenty ten to twenty eighteen will work
  • In case you don’t find the default themes installed then download and upload it before restoring
  • Now delete your active WordPress theme.

Your WordPress theme is restored to its default theme. Now, you can check your website if it still showing error 503 or WordPress down right now or not. If not, then you are done, and no need for further issues.

If still, you can’t get access to your WordPress site, then there might be another reason behind this.

  • Your WordPress Site May Under DDoS(Distributed Denial of Service) Attack or Brute Force Attack

 It means some group or any malicious content is trying to attack your site, also can be some content that is detecting as malicious by the firewall protection of your site. And so the firewall is blocking access. For that you have to contact your site hosting providers or rebuild up firewall protection.

  • Limited Resource Problem

It indicates your server is getting more traffics than it has the limitations to have. If your server resource is set limited and you are facing the error 503 problem then you have to  upgrade your resource limits. You can upgrade your wordpress site or can contact host provider.

Remember, the resource limitations error code is not 503, but still, it can sometimes appear with this error code. That is why you should check your resource limits and upgrade it.

And after trying all the ways, if it is still not solved, then the final steps for this issue is to contact or mail your hosting provider of the site. You will get your solution with the right cause for sure from their info.

Well, these are the probable causes and the solutions to your server down error 503 problems. You can surely fix the issues by following any of the given methods. The error arises for temporarily most of the time. But be sure also that you have not enabled your rewrite logs.

Final Words for You

Our article includes all the effective ways on how to fix the HTTP error 503 for WordPress sites. So, read it now and know the solutions also the causes behind your such type of problems to solve yourself.

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