How to Increase visits to your blog without obsessing with SEO

May 10, 2019Seo

If you have just quit your job and started a business such as opening of a blog to place yourself in a broader marketplace, you mustn’t quit thinking about how you can Increase the number of visitors on the blog. You must sort out an effective way to generate satisfactory traffic starting with zero.

But, the problem is many of the fresher cannot find out any way and ultimately search the solutions on the Internet. Finding the Issue so vital, today this article will present you with several revolutionary methods with which you can have expected result.

Before we jump into the main part, at first, we would like to request you not to think about SEO from the beginning. Try not to get obsessed with Analytics only rather put focus what important is, what you have missed that could get increasing visitor for you without the adoption of SEO service .

However, we think it is high time we plunged into the main discussion with you. Kindly, stay with us till the end for your own sake.

4 Keys to generate quality web traffic

Have you ever thought what you can do to generate web traffic or increase visitor to your blog without adopting SEO in WordPress and other CMS? Have you ever tried to find out if your page is ready to attract the customers and get visibility on the network?

If your answer for both the questions is a big ‘NO’ then it is definitely a matter of concern because there is no alternative to you to gain visibility and make noise so that people can know that you exist.

However, if you follow the methods we have given below, be sure that people will be curious about your blog and cannot help visiting it as well as your profiles on social networks.

1. Optimize your site

The first thing that you must ensure to increase the number of visitors is that your blog must be optimized. But, here we haven’t meant that you are to look for an SEO consultant to help you in this regard.

For this, it is necessary that your website or blog has the following things:

Responsive graphics design: Create the blog with such design that is adapted not only to the screen of computers but also to tablets and smart phones.

A high loading speed: Research shows that no visitor waits 10 seconds or more to get a web page fully loaded. So, remove the unnecessary plugins and bugs regularly to offer the visitors the shortest loading duration.

A nice design: Besides adopting a responsive graphic design, you must be aware of the appearance of the web page. Always choose a simple, quality template and avoid fluorescent colors, too much cramped design and scary banners.

Quality content: Offer the target audience what they require. Don’t try to impress them with something bullshit. Be descriptive with precise info in the presentation of the content.

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2. Never forget about Google

It is always appreciated capturing your inspiring ideas; transmitting your experience and episodes with the aim of empathizing with the reader and putting yourself in their place. Do you know the reason behind it? If you don’t then here follows the answer for you: using empathy when generating content is one of the main techniques of copy writing to reach the reader.

But, don’t forget Google in this process as it is the only responsible tool for the positioning your blog and is the one that will help you generate web traffic. However, it isn’t necessary that you will always write keeping the thought of Google in mind such as what it wants? Such thing affects writing negatively.

Related to this, there are several guidelines that you can follow blindly. Keep reading to know them all:

Introduce yourself to the fullest

Complete the section “About me” with information about your personality, your experience, aspirations in life, etc. We also advise you to add a photo of you that will present you to the readers.

Insert engaging headlines

The headlines are the first thing that the readers at first approach on any blog. In fact, you will be surprised to know that heading of your blog decides to a great extent whether the visitors on your blog will continue reading or not. So, how can you forget inserting those in an attractive manner?

Another important issue here is that you must create the blog title and other headings using proper keywords because this helps your site generate more web traffic.

Analyze keywords

You are wrong in thinking that only the creation of fantastic headings and title using keyword is enough to generate sufficient web traffic because it’s never adequate for a blog. So what you can do is to analyze more appropriate keywords related to your blog topic. Insert the keywords after hundreds of words.

Make sure that within a 1-thousand word blog there are at least 5 keywords with proper placement. For better output, you can use keyword density checking tool.    

Update frequently

Everything is being updated every day and everyone likes it. There shouldn’t be no exception in case of you r blogs that is appreciated by Google an obviously by your regular visitors!

Remember that Google loves lengthy content that contains more than a thousand words and above all quality!

Regularly update your blogs in a way with links, downloadable content, images, etc. This will encourage the visitors to depend on your blog to the most.

Whenever Google will perceive constant and regular web traffic, it takes your content to be quality.

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3. Promote yourself in social networks

Once you have understood how to generate the content, it is important that you take another step towards promotion. Actually,there is no good article if there is no reader to reach that.

Thereby, design a strategy to promote yourself in social networks. Take advantage of these tools to gain visibility and have engagement with your audienceDo not waste the opportunity to strengthen your personal brand with these tips for professional management of social networks:

Share interesting content for your audience: Listen to the social networking sites what they like and what they don’t.

Design your own info-graphics and videos:  Create and add these two as relevantly as possible because readers always want to know more about your site avoiding the hassle of going through tons of words.

Try Facebook Ads and evaluate the results: A campaign to get well-segmented likes will help you reach your target audience.

Post varied posts: Always try to entertain the audience not being afraid of using humor and other relevant resources. Build a relationship with the audience with empathy and naturally.

4. Expand your network of contacts

It is very natural that when you start anything fresh like launching own blog, you will not have deeper knowledge regarding around which circle you should move. But, be sure that you are not alone who has been going through such a confusion because there are many more like you. So, what you need to do is to collaborate with them and advance step by step. However, the best recommended way is to carry out the followings.

Comment on other blogs in the sector: Identify other professionals in the sector, get closer to them and do not hesitate to follow their blogs. You will learn new things and see how they deal with their contents.

Join various groups: You can join LinkedIn and Facebook to learn through interaction with other members. Even you should expand your contacts and share your content on these platforms.

Create guest posts: Guest post strategy allows you to share content on other more reputable blogs as a guest author. This tactic is great in generating visibility, attracting traffic and getting quality links to your blog.

Invite bloggers: This concept of inviting bloggers to write on your blog is as a cool idea as that of guest post. This again helps you get new readers. In addition, when the invited bloggers share their writing on their own social platforms your web traffic increases.

Make interviews: If nobody wants to write in your blog considering your blog’s age and your less expertise in Google, don’t be sad because still there are loopholes for you. In such a situation, you are suggested to make interviews with the professionals regarding their thoughts in this sector.

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To sum up, starting a blog from scrape is always difficult. There are many things to consider, such as the objectives, the contents that will be published, the design, the dissemination strategy, etc. However, what usually gives more fear is- web traffic. But, don’t worry, we guarantee you 100% success in it just by a proper following of our instructions. Who knows if you get more web-traffic than expectation by adopting our methods, so don’t be late in doing so.

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