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How to optimize a website for Google voice search

January 5, 2019Technology

We all know that we can search for anything using Google voice search in a Smartphone. A little surprise is that your SEO policy needs to adjust to an entirely new world of search queries. If you’re thinking how to do it or how you can manage all those SEO stuff, don’t worry about it. We are here to tell you what we should do to optimize the website for Google voice search.

Let’s take a look and see how voice search optimization works. So you can start considering your content policy for simple ways to optimize voice SEO.

In the article, we are going to discuss about the following matters. Let’s take a look.

  • What is voice search optimization for Google voice search?
  • How Google voice search optimization works?
  • How to optimize for Google voice search
  • Bonus Google voice search optimization tips

What is voice search optimization for Google voice search?

In a few words, voice search optimization is the practice of taking part in voice search query and user activities into content that delivers a useful, related answer.

We recently drove our nuts with our voice assistant. Then we were watching Netflix, and the common questions about artists and shows came up. Every time we go through our phone to Google it, we calmly said, “OK, Google,” and our phone described the answer while we were still trying to type the words.

Within one hour, we had configured Google Voice Search on our Smartphone. We saw the effectiveness of being able to speak a query and get instant and related results.

From asking “What is my current location? How to write a professional CV? ” Voice search is exchanging the way customers cooperate with search engines and business websites. This is the way search engines network with your content.

  • 1 Billion Google voice search per month
  • 40% Adult use voice search at least once a day
  • In 2020, the rate can change to 50%
  • Windows 10 taskbar voice search rate is 25%

We once asked our assistant, “How do we do Google voice search optimization?” Let’s see how it works.

How Google voice search optimization works?

The variance between your voice search SEO strategy and regular SEO strategy lies in phrasing.

Consumers have learned to type search queries a convincing way, often writing just one or two words and even choosing drop-down recommendations to complete their search. Short-tail keyword policies were born from these activities. Using mixtures of words dotted throughout copy to tell the search engine to serve that content.

The industry experts reported that consumers writing longer search queries were faster for making a purchase. So there are long-tail keyword strategies to match four to five words and exact phrases for more specific questions.

However, Google’s current Hummingbird algorithm uses hidden semantic indexing. This is finding the meaning behind the search rather than relying on the exact words. Learned user behavior doesn’t update with algorithm variations. Still the average users are pre-programmed to type in a robotic way.

We certainly don’t speak the way we enter queries into search engines.

Voice search optimization needs you to get into the shoes of your target viewers honestly. So you have to think as they think and speak as they speak. Their queries will be express in sentences, in the same way to how they would ask a friend.

How to optimize for Google voice search

Here you are going to discuss five easy ways to optimize for Google voice search. Let’s get started.

  1. Consumer research:

Identify your two to three spectators’ personas, and conduct online. Or even in-person investigation into the questions they are asking to find your products or services.

  1. Check the results:

Inquire the same queries to your voice assistant(s), and see how the featured results are answering them. This can be the part of your optimization in Google voice search.

  1. Build a Content Strategy:

Select the top “how, where, when and what” queries that users most frequently ask to reach you. Then you should plan for page optimization and new or simplified article copy around those questions.

  1. Mix conversational copy:

Keyword filling is gone! You can write text for Google voice search optimized content as speaking to a consumer or a friend.

  1. Free tools:

By latent semantic indexing, you need to find alternative ways to phrase similar stuff. Hop onto different websites for synonyms. Or you can use a free keyword tool to find related keywords and phrases such as Google Keyword Planner.

Bonus Google voice search optimization tips

Featured Snippets

Everyone wants to be a star! Often Google displays the consumer a top result in a featured snippet or an answer box. Do you want to do it for your websites too? Let’s see how it works.

No one knows it how Google does it. The content that is useful actually for consumers is showed in featured snippets. Experts are still trying to know precisely how it is decided. Never the less, there are a few best practices that you can contest for that spot:

  • Use a question as a headline
  • Answer the question in one summarizing the paragraph. It can be one or two sentences maximum.
  • Answer the problem in a bullet list. So that it can be easily featured. Then go into more details about each point further.
  • Create a table that highlights the data as the consumer requested
  • Create an optimized video around the question.

Locally Voice Search

Smartphone voice related searches are three times more related to being locally based than the text.

Firstly give priority to Smartphone

Having a responsive Smartphone website is vital to rate with Google’s algorithm. The sites that are Smartphone friendly will not be shown in answers for voice searches.

We hope that now you should feel confident to go for a voice optimization on your website. Now you can create an excellent voice search optimization strategy for your site. If you are still not sure and would rather experience strategists for help, contact us.

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