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How to Research Keyword & Get Boost Traffic from SEO?

May 21, 2019Seo

‘Search traffic’ is more powerful than ‘paid traffic’. Because why, people search on Google when they need something to know or buy. You can also tell that they are the ‘fresh lead’ or ‘real time consumer’.

Otherwise, ‘paid traffic algorithm’ uses user’s cookies and historic data, that’s why these leads are not real time and the conversion rate (%) less than the ‘search traffic’.

People search keyword on search engine for their necessary. Keyword refers to group of words or a phrase which is used for searching something on search engine.


However, you must have trendy and know about keyword if you really want to grow your online business. Want to know about keyword research to boost your website traffic as well as sales?

Yes, you are in right place. Read the article till the end.

Keyword Research is the first and most significant part of SEO rank. Even you can’t think any other part avoiding this part. Step by step procedures of keyword research (like PRO) are discussing in this stage.

Find Trendy Topic

If you are doing business in online, you have to trendy and updated every time. Before researching keyword, focus on the trend.

Find present most important topic related to your business using forum. Search on google with bellow keywords

keyword research

Enter the forums and observe the hot topics, in the way you will get the idea about most trendy topic or product.

keyword idea from forum

Find Timeline of Any Keyword/Product

Using ‘google trend’ you can find the seasonality of the keyword.

keyword research using google trends

You also aware see that your keyword is uptrend or downtrend as well. So, don’t forget to use ‘Google Trend’.

Find Desired Keyword Manually

Basically there are many ways to find your desired keyword. Some techniques will be discuss in this chapter.

Use Google Suggestion

When you search on Google for something, in the below part of Google you will see some suggested keyword.

Use YouTube Suggestion

‘YouTube Search Bar’ will be your one of the best manual keyword finder if you can use it properly.

Use YouTube Suggestion

‘Keyword Everywhere’ is the best Google extension for finding keyword research. You will be able to find out thousand of undiscovered keyword using this tool. GREAT tools ever I seen! Install it from Google Extension, when you search on Google this tool will automatically show related keyword on same page.

Hack Competitor’s Keyword

Competitor’s website will be the superior source of keyword research. Now, you have to know find out your exact competitors and keywords. I will show you a great technique to find out your competitor’s high valued keywords.

competitor keyword analysis

You can use semrush which will help you to discover the competitor’s researched keywords that also can be suited for you. After long research, I found nothing as good as semrush according to research your competitor’s keyword profile.

Find Long-tail Keyword

Long-tail keyword is less competitive than seed keyword. For example: ‘hiking Shoes’ is a seed keyword and too much competitive because you have to competed with many authority sites. Otherwise, ‘womens lightweight waterproof hiking boots’ is a long-tail keyword with good search volume. And this long-tail keyword is comparatively Hundred times easier to rank on search engine than the seed keyword.

Find Long-tail Keyword

Long-tail keyword is less competitive than seed keyword. For example: ‘hiking Shoes’ is a seed keyword and too much competitive because you have to competed with many authority sites. Otherwise, ‘women’s lightweight waterproof hiking boots’ is a long-tail keyword with good search volume. And this long-tail keyword is comparatively Hundred times easier to rank on search engine than the seed keyword.

competitor keyword analysis is another great tool to find out long-tail keywords. Among all available free keyword finder tools over the internet, you will find is the most helpful tool perspective to find long-tail.  I personally prefer to use it for finding Long-tail keywords for FREE!

List All of Your Keywords

Now, manually you find many related keywords which you have to put together on excel sheet. But all keywords won’t be suited for you, that’s why in next stage, you have to analysis more deeply.

Competitor Analysis

The most and difficult part of keyword research is competitor analysis. You have to focus many issues related to your competitor’s website. Weak competitors will be good for your site to rank on the top of the search engine.

What Needs to Consider Analyzing Competitors

  • Deeply research first 25-30 websites which rank on Google.
  • Analysis the backlink profile of your competitors that is beatable or not.
  • Count the length and quality of content. Remember, you have to provide better quality then your competitors.
  • Consider the age of content as well as website. Basically, old authority websites are more powerful competitors.
  • Consider the types of website. Normally, both social media website (facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest) and forum site are low competitors.
  • Also check social media profile. Suppose, a post was shared for 1000 times on social media this types of post already has achieved brand royalty to the eyes of Google algorithm and you can’t beat it easily.
  • Observe, their title (exact match title), meta description and keyword density.
  • Assess ranking difficulty manually (you can use different tools for assessing ranking difficulty such as SEOquake, ahrefs etc.)

competitor keyword analysis

SEOquake is a Google extension with 30+ search parameters such as Google index, yahoo index, cache time, website traffic, website age, Facebook likes and so on which all will help you to understand website’s strength. It is an useful tools, install it from Google extension.

Use Ahrefs for Assessing Ranking Difficulty

Ahrefs is the best SEO tool for completion analysis and ranking difficulty assessment. It shows almost all data which is needed to analysis your competitors. It is not free; you have to pay in the purpose of using the facility. If you are not expert for assessing ranking difficulty manually then my suggestion to you to buy this tool for the most accurate assessment.

Finalize Your Keywords

Congratulations! After doing all of these following task, finally you get your best possible keywords to start writing article.

Keyword Placement on Content

After getting a perfect keyword, if you think you duty is over, and then you are wrong!

You must have a decent plan to place your keyword in the content as well. You much calculate you keyword density and keyword modification.

keyword in content

  • Keep Keyword Density between 0.5-1.0% (if you write 1000 words content then your main keyword will be used 5-10 time almost)
  • Use keyword in meta description, title of the post, first paragraph on the post, second headings and body of the post.
  • It is good SEO practice using similar words rather than using similar keyword again and again. (suppose, you can use ‘top quality women hiking shoes’ or ‘world class women hiking shoes’ rather than use ‘best women hiking shoes.’)

Last Word

Keyword research is super difficult and time taken task. But, finding a good keyword can be your fortune changer. This is a complete keyword research guideline which was guided by the Orlando based SEO Company Devsyntech. Keyword research is the premium stage and you can’t move other stage of SEO avoiding this core stage.

Even, a good lowest competitive keyword has possibility to rank on top without doing any off page SEO. The gainer marketers always give the highest effort in finding quality keywords!

Our suggestion to you, ‘do keyword research like professional by following our guidelines, boost up your site rank, boost your site’s traffic, become successful.’ SEO Services Company

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