Mobile Apps Development

Devsyntech has some great developer who can provide you with useful, catchy and dynamic mobile apps to increase your business to the next level. We work together to make it sure that, you are successful online with the use of either IOS or Android apps.We are quite committed towards the quality of work. We always oversee and supervise the entire app development procedure in order to make sure that no compromise is done in terms of the quality. We also take the various mobile application trends into the consideration while offering high-quality services to you.


As there are plenty of platforms like iPhone and Android, We are capable of working on all the given platforms with great ease. Every single platform has different requirements and Devsyntech is proficient enough to deliver you good results even if your project is really big. We provide both IOS and Android apps development.


iOS Apps Development

We build iOS apps with the native approach, leveraging C, Objective-C, and Swift technologies, to bring out the best for our clients’ iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications. We have delivered successful apps with pixel-perfect designs, robust functionalities, and user experience customized for specific business needs and target audience. We have years of solid experience with:

  • UI/Kit
  • Foundation
  • Core Foundation
  • Core Animation
  • Core Graphics

If you have just an idea, share & we will start working on it. Here are what Devsyntech can provide you:

  • If you have just an idea, share & we will start working on it.
  • If you want to clone an app, we will do it for you.
  • If you want to make an app for your website then don’t waste time, we will help you in this regard also.We worked on apps having.

Android Apps Development

Android is the most popular operating system in the world which can help you to generate more customers or users for you. We, DevSyntech can provide you Android apps depending on your needs with our vast experience in this field.We are building Android apps from the inception of Android platform. Our team has the best Java developers who build scalable and robust applications with clean code. We have delivered numerous apps that look elegant on every Android screen resolution, feature-rich, and UX designed for latest devices as well as compatible with older OS versions. What can we provide you with Android Apps Development? Let’s have a look:

  • Native features and menus in compliance with the latest app development guidelines, combined with the app web view.
  • FREE publishing on your Google Play Store, Apple App Store accounts
  • FREE AdMob integration.
  • Native features structured in menus, combined with the app review
  • Contact buttons, Map, Social media, About, Services, Share, Gallery, Forms, Podcast streams, YouTube specials, RSS Feeds, Loading bar, Pull to refresh, Zoom, etc.
  • Lifetime unlimited Push Notifications
  • Smart QR code
  • Pro screenshots for all apps