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September 16, 2020Mobile Apps

How can I increase sales?

How can I increase efficiency?

How can I win more clients and generate more money?

These are common questions of every business owner. Every entrepreneur spends a lot of money to accomplish the above things.

But what if I told you there is a magic tool that can assist you in this regard.

So, what is the name of the magic tool?

Mobile app,

Yes, you’re reading right. A mobile app can help your business in many ways, and they are;

1. Everyone loves to increase sells

When it comes to the sales increase, nothing can help you better than the mobile app. Yes, you’re reading right. A mobile app can help you to increase sales in many ways.

You may have experience of getting rewards while buying from e-commerce apps. Yes, I am talking about their rewards system. You can use the rewards mechanism to increase your sales. It is a proven method. You can offer reward points to your customers when they buy something then, they can use those rewards points to get discounts.

Apart from offering reward points on purchasing, you can also offer reward points on completing pre-defined action such as sharing a webpage or subscribing to push notification.

So how can I accomplish those? If this is your concern, then the straight answer is the mobile app.

2. No business can prosper without efficiency

Efficiency is a commonly known word in the business world. You may hear this word countless times, and it is the number one mantra for business growth. Here mobile app comes into the game. Mobile apps can boost efficiency in your existing business a few times more than its current state.

Communication between employees can greatly increase your business operational efficiency. Teams that are highly engaged known to be 21% more productive and 22% more profitable than their unengaged counterparts, according to Gallup.

Features such as employee collaboration in a mobile app can aid your business in boosting efficiency through collaboration.

On the other hand, the mobile app can also help to increase efficiency through task automation. Task Automation not only increases efficiency but also saves money.

3. Building loyal customer base

Every business always in competition in the game of getting customers. But is it so important? I guess no making your customer loyal to your brands is more important than acquiring new customers. This is another rule of success for every business. As a result, reputed companies hire brand ambassadors in their operational areas.

Thanks to the mobile app as it can help your small or medium-sized business to build loyal customer base. Now a question may arise in your mind, how can a mobile app assist in building customer loyalty?

Do you know why people use the mobile app? For getting personalized content or service which are unavailable on the website, So by providing personalized unique content to your customers, you can easily make your customers loyal to your brand.

Realtime communication is another must-have element for creating loyal customer base. A mobile app allows you to interact with your customers in real-time. The push notification feature of the mobile app assists you to send real-time updates to your customers, which encourages your customers to be loyal to your brand.

4. Mobile app helps to increase customer engagement

What is the point of attracting new customers if you can’t engage with them properly? Unsuccessful engagement with customers will result in the loss of advertisement fees.

Customer engagement is a vital part of any successful business. According to Ray Wang study, customer engagement increases cross-sell by 22%, upsell revenue from 13 to 51%, and order size from 5% to 85%. Even two-third of your business income might depend on effective customer engagement.

The live chat feature in a mobile app can assist you to achieve higher customer engagement goal. It allows your customers to engage with your business in their needy time. As a result, your sales and revenue will increase.

5. Win more clients

Where from you get most of your clients’ Social media, print advertisement, television advertisement, and search advertisement? If you are not using the mobile app as a source of your clients, then you are losing a lot of customers.

Don’t you ask me why?

In 2021 there will be around 7 billion mobile phone users. And this is an upward trend. An average smartphone user spends more than two hours per day on smartphones using apps. And 51% of smartphone users discovered a new product or company on their smartphone according to Hubspot.

So it doesn’t matter what is the size of your company or business you can enter this huge market by developing a mobile app. It could be the best source of your customers.

6. A new source of income stream for your business

How much money you generate from your business is an indication of the success measurement of your business. Everyone wants to be more successful in their business. So if you want to become more successful in your business, you must generate more money.

How can a mobile app help me generate revenue in my business? It’s a million-dollar question. You will be astonished to know that the mobile app will generate around 581 USD billion in revenue in 2020, according to Statista. This amount of money will generate through paid app downloads and in-app advertising.

You can use your mobile app as another income source of your business. You can make money from your app by in-app advertising and providing paid features (which people can access after paying you). These are the two most popular app monetization methods. Though there are other ways to make money from the mobile app.

Final words

A mobile app is not just for increasing efficiency, generating revenue, and winning clients. It is the representative of your business. If you want to take your business into the future, then build a mobile app for your business.

If you didn’t build a mobile app for your business yet, dont worry, Devsyntech can help you to build the mobile app that can ensure your business growth. In the Devsyntech, we have great developers with long time experience who are ready to build anything that your business need. It doesn’t matter it’s Android or iOS; we are the pioneer of both platforms when it comes to mobile app development. So, feel free to contact us if you need to develop a mobile app for your business.

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