seo vs sem

SEO Vs. SEM: What Is The Difference and What Works Better

January 31, 2021Marketing

Search engine marketing is the best way to get traffic and increase business revenue. But this could be difficult and sink your marketing money if you don’t understand the difference and effectiveness between SEO and SEM. Here in this article, I am going to talk about what is SEO and SEM, their differences, and their …

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keyword research

How to Research Keyword & Get Boost Traffic from SEO?

May 21, 2019Seo

‘Search traffic’ is more powerful than ‘paid traffic’. Because why, people search on Google when they need something to know or buy. You can also tell that they are the ‘fresh lead’ or ‘real time consumer’. Otherwise, ‘paid traffic algorithm’ uses user’s cookies and historic data, that’s why these leads are not real time and …

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