Google My Business for your small business

The Importance of Using Google My Business For Small Business Owners

December 13, 2020Business

How to bring my small business in IN front of global audiences?

What is the best way to increase the trust of my business?

How can I boost sales and increase revenue for my business?

If those questions are circulating within your mind, you land at the right place.

There is a tool that can solve those problems, including other effective ones.

So, what is the name of the tool?

Google My Business

This is the tool your small business needs to solve its current problems.

So, let’s know why you should use Google My Business for your small business;

4 reason to start using Google My Business for your small business

1. Put your business on the global map

Do you know how many people search on google per second? It is 63000. It makes Google the world’s largest search engine.

Let’s tell you another interesting fact: 90% of the searcher don’t know which brand’s product they will buy at their first stage.

Another important fact is ‘near me’ searches are increasing day by day. Its year-to-year growth rate is increasing exceptionally.

Listing your business on Google My Business puts your business on the global map, thus makes your business visible in Infront of the whole world.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into your business’s SEO campaign. If you don’t list your business on Google My Business, you will lose significant traffic.

Do you ever see what happens when you search for the term “near me”?

Here is what happens when you search “near me.”

As you can see, it shows local listings before actual search results. So, does it make sense to list your business on Google My Business?

Google My Business for your small business

2. Best way to show the first impression

Do you know “the first impression is the last impression”? Here Google My business pages can help you to show the first impression of your business in Infront of your potential customers.

What do you notice when you see a Google My Business page on Google search results? Map and images. You can use this opportunity and share your business’s photos videos on the GMB profile. These images and videos will appear when someone searches for your business. Therefore, it will create an impression on your customers.

If someone sees your business on GMB listing, but without images, they won’t trust your business. So, to put a great impression and win your customers’ trust, use photos and videos on Google My Business page. Upload at least five to ten photos and multiple videos.

Google My Business for your small business


3. Improve search engine ranking

What is the aim of the SEO campaign?

Rank on the first page and get more visitors.

Google My Business page can give a boost to your SEO campaign. If your business is listed on GMB, then it will send a positive single to Google. Search engine experts believe that listing your business on Google By Business will significantly improve your search engine ranking.

But for improving position on the search engine result, you need to optimize your Google My Business properly.

Remember, just opening a profile won’t make any difference in the search result.

To make an impact on search engine result through Google My Business, you need to take care of a few things;

Write your name, address, phone number, website address correctly. For images, you should upload a logo and your product’s and office images.

And the last thing doesn’t forget to add servicing hours.

4. Best way to show customer feedback to the world

A report shows that 72% customer doesn’t buy any product or service before reading customer reviews.

That’s why customer feedback is so vital for any business. And Google My Business is a great way to show your customer feedbacks.

Your customers can share their good experiences on Google My Business. It will influence other users to buy your service/products.

On the other hand, people can also post bad reviews on Google My business page. If it happens then, it will hurt your business.

But the solution is you need a balance between good and bad customer reviews.

For balancing customer feedbacks, you need to check every customer review and respond to their reviews. You can solve the problems here. This way, you can convert a bad review into a good one.

Google My Business for your small business

5. Learn about your customers through Google My Business customer insights

Google My Business customer insight is another data provider for your business. Especially for local businesses, it can help any small business to improve their service/product. Though it is not so accurate as of the Google search console, it does the job perfectly for local businesses.

From customer’s insight, you can see how many people visiting your listing, how they come to the listing, what actions they took after clicking on your listing.

By getting information from customer insight, you can select problems and provide solutions for them.

6. Cost-free way to make a website for your business

Still, do I need a good website design for my business? If I already have a Google My Business page?

It depends on your need. Let’s say you want to show your business’s basic information. Then you’re ok with Google My Business. On the other hand, if you want to show more information, then a website is a must-have option for you.

Google My Business shows most of the basic information. You can show the address, contact numbers, images, and videos on it. Even Google My Business has the option to create a website. This website comes with a simple and easy to use page builder. You can show all of your basic information through this website.

But this website doesn’t have advanced functionality. So, if you want advanced functionality, you should go with CMS like WordPress. I am a big fan of WordPress. You can choose any CMS according to your needs.

In the real world, you should make your business discoverable on as many platforms as you can. Google Map and Google My Business are like those platforms. So, you should make proper use of it.

As far as the website is concerned, it is a must-have element of every business. Still, if you don’t have any website for your business or your business has zero online presence, then you can start your business’s online journey with Google My Business.


Google My Business for your small business

7. Maintain updated information all the time

Do you know the importance of updating information for businesses?

Let’s clear something to you,

What will be your reaction if you see negative feedback on a company’s business page without a reply?

My impression would be that the business owner didn’t reply to the customer’s negative feedback, which means there is a genuine problem with their service/product they can’t solve. So, if I buy their service/product, I would experience a similar problem.

I think your impression would be like mine. An experience like this will decrease your sales and wane customer’s trust.

Google my business page can help you to solve this problem. It’s easy to maintain and update your business’s information on it. So, keep your business updated all the time and remain one step ahead of your competitor’s.

Final words

The importance of Google My Business for small business is unlimited. Local search engine results are becoming a crucial part of Google search engine results. Google My Business can help a small business in different ways that I discussed above. If you want to take your small business to the next level, you should start using Google My Business from now.

Don’t know how to get the most out of Google My Business! Don’t worry. We can help you out. Our dedicated team is always ready to help your business to get the maximum benefit from Google My Business. So, feel free to knock us on any question related to Google My Business.   

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