Thinking to Redesign the Website

Thinking to Redesign the Website? Ask 5 Questions to Self

July 25, 2020Web Design

There are some things we agree to bet on that you or your users want to change. But are these things fully worthy of redesigning an existing website?

When we receive a mail or message on redesigning the client’s existing website, the first question we ask them is, why do you need to redesign your website?

Redesigning a website takes a lot of time. Since valuable time and money are involved with it, so it is significantly essential to know when to redesign a website and when it is unnecessary.

Before you make the final decision, you will need to ask 5 questions to self. The answers to these questions will ensure that you are putting your effort because of the right reason.

Question 01: Any change happening to my services or products?

If you are planning to change your product list or entirely shifting to a new service, you should redesign your website. By redesigning your website, you are supporting the new additions.

Let’s say you have an eCommerce website that focuses on men’s clothes. After accomplishing a few successful years in the business, you have decided to change your clothing business to women’s clothing.

If you want to add women’s sunglasses category on the website, it will not fit with the men’s clothing website. At this point, redesigning is mandatory. In this case, in order to support the new category of your business, redesigning your website is the only solution.

Another thing is, many eCommerce brands have an issue in the category wise product organization. Some want to consolidate more than one separate website into one. At both points, site redesigning is necessary.

If you look at different brand’s websites, you will understand how website design affects the brand’s online presence.

Question 02: Has my audience changed?

Your target audience or person may move as different things – a brand, brand integration, consolidation or acquisition, a market shift, or the launch of a new product or service. Whatever the reason, one thing is sure in this case: you need a redesign of your website.

Your website design, tone, and structure have to be much appealing to the customers to whom you are selling to. If you find that your audiences are changing, all you need to do is, keep your website stable.

Adjust your site following a few effective ways so that the site can attract new audiences. Depending on your new audiences, you can add generated content or tools for baby boomers. If you do so, conversion rates, the loyalty of the brand, and customer retention will improve.

Question 03: Is my site accessible to everyone?

Over time, we have found Google becomes more and more specialised with how websites are built. Search engine giant looks to give rank to websites that are easy to access and responsive to mobile. It means accessibility is one of the vital points to get rank in the search engine.

Are you not confident regarding whether your site is accessible to everyone or not? Then you can give a try to the Google LightHouse tool. This tool will let you know the performance of your website and any issues related to accessibility. You will also receive a message from the tool about improving your website, showing potential errors that are affecting SEO. Most importantly, you will be able to learn if everyone is accessing your website comfortably or not. If any issues are there, the tool will highlight the issue so that you can take the necessary steps to fix it.

Finally, with the help of the tool, you can meet the standard of accessibility. It is really important to create an inclusive website that gets compiled with accessibility features – everyone has the right to access to the internet.

Question 04: Will I be able to reach my business goal with my current website?

Why do you need a website for your business? Whether it is driving conversions, monetizing, or engaging your audience, providing support to your business goal is the main responsibility of your website. It means it has to work similarly to a lead generating machine.

Make sure your website has the option to receive text, images, CTA’s, or forms. This way, you will gain loyalty and trust from the audience.

Design and develop your website in such a way so that it can serve you fulfilling your specific purpose and meets your whole business strategy.

Question 05: Are my audiences receiving the right information about what they are searching for?

Because of specific reasons, audiences surf your site. But unfortunately, if you can’t give them the right information, they will turn their faces away from your website. This way, your audiences are receiving bad experience visiting your website. And based on the audience’s experience, you are receiving ranks in the search engine.

Your audience will receive great experience visiting your website if they don’t need to dig around your website to get information. In this case, UX plays a vital role. Other technical features like less website load time are also related to the user’s experience, which also requires improvement if the page load time is high.

Overall, your website’s performance will become poor, the organic visitor will reduce, and the bounce rate will increase; all this will happen if your audience can’t get the right information.

While designing a website, confirm that you think about the user’s path, and redesign a website that is easy to use, provides the right information to your audience and comes with fast performance.

All these factors will help you to get the highest rank in search engines too.

Last Words

Redesigning a website is not an easy task. A great team effort is mandatory. Be noted; if you are not receiving a satisfying answer to the above questions, it is high time, you should think of redesigning your website.

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