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Top Enterprise Tools For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development In 2019

July 5, 2019Mobile Apps

Over the last few years, we have witnessed that mobile app developers are favoring cross-platform application development instead of opting for just Android mobile app development or iOS mobile app development process for their web, as well as mobile applications.

And as the market is growing, many new technologies and advanced application development tools are being launched. For instance, let’s take the example of some of the top cross-platform mobile app development tools that are designed and developed, especially for enterprises.

These cross-platform app development tools are highly capable of running across multiple application development platforms and provide an effective outcome for app developers. In addition to this, the demand for these tools is only expected to go up in the next few years.

Forrester forecasted over 60 percent of the total online enterprises include small, medium, and large-scale ones that are already integrated with one or more cross-platform development projects. On the other hand, Gartner expects over 20 million enterprise mobile applications to be built by the end of the year.

Best Enterprise Tools For Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

With that being said, let’s take a look at the top enterprise tools that you should be using when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development in 2019:

Cross platform Mobile apps


The first in the list of cross-platform mobile application development tools is Adobe, whose application development offerings include PhoneGap Build. The PhoneGap Build is basically developed for the cloud, and here PhoneGap acts as an open source solution which is based on Apache Cordova. Being an open-source set of device APIs, Cordova allows already developed apps to access functions that are specific and native in nature.

The best part about using this tool is that a software developer can use a single code base instead of opting for multiple native software development kits (SDKs) like Android SDK, Windows SDK, or even Xcode for iOS.


Next, in the list of development tools, we have Xamarin, a well-known name in the mobile app industry. This tool not only allows application developers to build native apps but also provides them with the freedom of working with a single shared C# codebase.  Along with that, users also have the facility to test their applications on hundreds of mobile devices at the same time using the cloud service provided by it.

A couple of key features offered by Xamarin are native API access, different form interfaces for sharing code, advanced ability to add components directly from an interface, integration with backends for SAP and many more.


Appcelerator is an enterprise tool that mainly focuses on speeding the time-to-market factor for cross-platform mobile applications. It basically uses a single JS (JavaScript) codebase for its app development while supporting real-time mobile analytics as well. The environment of Appcelerator is open as well as highly extensible i.e. they can create mobile apps for iOS, Android, HTML5 and even hybrid apps.


Now, let’s talk about iFactr which is also built to achieve the primary objective of speedy delivery of applications. Developers can start hammering out mobile apps after just two or at most three days of respective training, as stated by the service itself. Prototypes can also be rapidly created for quick feedback from employees. This tool uses Xamarin to develop iOS and Android mobile apps, and this solution also supports Adobe PhoneGap.


The Alpha tool mainly focuses on the enterprise and it can also be used to design cross-platform mobile applications for major mobile OS (operating systems), as well as for PCs (Android support) and Macbooks (iOS support). Alpha basically uses JavaScript and HTML5 but recently there has been an addition to the platform that lets the app developers develop applications that can be also be used in the offline mode.


You might not have heard the name of 5app but is an effective application development platform that allows various cross-platform applications to be created for Android as well as iOS platforms using HTML5 and JavaScript. However, it also offers an enterprise app store service also, which lets IT departments operate curated app stores for employees.


Feed Henry has been recently purchased by one of the most famous organizations, Red Hat for approximate $82 million, it also offers the service of mobile-as-a-backend as well as cross-platform mobile application development. These applications developed for Android and iOS platforms can also be offered through the means of cloud or even on-site.


The products offered by Kony spread wide across the entire software and app development life cycle. This enterprise platform tool offers services can easily be delivered throughout various innovative solutions, for example, in a hosted private cloud, or even in the public cloud.

These cloud services are highly scalable and can be adjusted on per the requirements of the business. This also includes various testing tools as well as analytics software that are embedded in it.

This tool can be easily referred to as an essential fit for enterprises that deals with a wide range of mobile devices and innovative applications that can integrate with technologies like SAP and Oracle backends.


Last but not least, we have SAP in the list of top cross-platform development tools for SMEs.There are various offerings provided by this tool, with regular updates these just keep on increasing. But there is also no denying the fact that there are many basic functionalities missing from its most recent version of SDK.

  Wrap Up

So these were some of the best enterprise tools when it comes to cross-platform application development. We highly recommend using the above-mentioned tools for developing innovative cross-platform applications for your business to boost your overall ROI (Return on Investment).

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