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Affordable Website Design

Now a days a businessman, a brand, online-store, even a celebrity needs a well website design . In the age of 21st, we cannot even think a single day without browsing the internet and surfing the website. So, when it is time to create a website to promote your business, a good web design plays a very important role in the success of your online business. In fact, the importance of website design cannot be overemphasized, even though most people who run their own web-based business do not understand the term.

Here, we come with a versatile experience of making a user-friendly, catchy and responsive website for you. Web design is not confined to the appearance of the site, just as a designing a building involves more than just its external appearance. Inexperienced web designers focus too much on the graphics and not enough on the functionality and the likelihood of the website to be listed on search engine results for specific search terms

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Professional Website Design

We have some great and topnotch website designer at our firm. We, Devsyntech provides all creative and unique services of Web Design. We can start designing a website according to your needs. You may be thinking how we go through the whole process of making a perfect website depending on your needs. Let’s dig into the details:

    • We can provide mockups before designing your website from scratch. At first, we can create PSD (Photoshop Document) layout of your website and then, convert it to semantic HTML5 markups rather using HTML. HTML5 supported by amodern browser such as Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Chrome, Safari whereas HTML only supports old browsers.
    • After making the PSD or receiving initial design, we then convert the PSD the responsive HTML5.
    • We use responsive CSS3 tools to make your website responsive to any device i.e., Tablet, Mobile or, computer
    • We will provide W3C validate code, pixel-perfect layout, cross-browser compatibility, add slider or animation according to your needs.
    • Finally, we will upload the files to your server to make it live after receiving the approval from you.
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Website Design Process

As we are quite familiar with all web design and development service so far, if you think you won’t build your website with HTML5, you don’t need to be worried. You can make your business website with WordPress. What we are going to provide you with WordPress design are.

  • Install WordPress On Your Server
  • Install Free Theme & Dummy Text
  • Install Essential Plugins
  • Connect your website with Social Links
  • Provide Clean & Responsive Design.
  • Help You To Choose Best Hosting, Domain, Theme, Plugin etc.

We always build your WordPress website using your given theme or recommended theme. But, if you don’t have any recommended theme, we can help you to choose some of the best WordPress themes from themarketplace. Even though you don’t want to use already used WordPress theme from themarketplace, we can build Dynamic WordPress Theme for you. What we provide are:

We will provide responsive WordPress website:

The world is always on the move- which means the need for portable devices is inevitable. You can spot people every day and almost everywhere, most of them seem to be busy with their Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other handheld gadgets all the time. So for the better business performance, we always provide a responsive WP theme that can fit all screen size of multitude of devices.

Browser Compatibility Matters:

We do make sure that your theme looks as good on all browsers as is looking on your current browser. We always take this important aspect into consideration and run some basic tests on different browsers using sophisticated browser compatibility testing tools to check if there is any compatibility issue.

Supported Plugins

Your WordPress theme development will definitely call for adding different plugins so as the functionality of the website can be expanded whenever a need arise. So we always make ensure that your WordPress theme supports all popular plugins Like Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, etc. to avoid a chaos later.

The main concern of us to make you successful online with our service. We always provide creative Design – Creative designing helps your company to be different from others. Devsyntech comprises of different skills and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites. The purpose of our web design service is to properly use the existing technology and create an attractive website which will attract more business for your companies.

You will be glad to know that we are one of the best web design companies that offer the best assistance for WordPress theme development and customization services. You can reach us and supply your needs, costing and other specifications to avail professional help in this regard. Devsyntech web design is a matter of making tried-and-tested web design ideas to work together with the new technologies and capabilities of the web medium to increase the optimal user experience (UX).

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