What are the key benefits of using long-form content?

What are the key benefits of using long-form content?

November 11, 2019Marketing

The content with 1200 to 2000 words is referred to as long-form content. Long-form of content is taking over the content marketing and this long-form content is replacing the traditional 700-800 words. Long-form content is more SEO friendly and can optimize your content to reach maximum people. Other than that, it increases the time spent on your site by a reader.

Thus, long-form content is highly beneficial for a business, brand or a website. It can benefit in many ways, which is the reason why most of the content creators prefer using long-form content. For this purpose, here are some key benefits of using long-form content.

Listed below are key benefits of long-form content.

Higher Ranking on Google Search

While creating content every creator wishes to see his content on top of the search engine and highly ranked in short time. Long-form content provides a great opportunity to rank the content on higher ranking of Google search as it appears to be SEO friendly. The first result page on google have average word count of 1,890.

Create an article or a blog containing words up to 1800 and more, will automatically increase the level of your content and thus authority. It boosts the appearance of content automatically and enable readers to spend more time on the website.

Creates more Brand Authority

Creating comprehensive content like long-form content helps in making people understand about your services in detail. It helps in creating a strong brand authority and attract more potential customers towards your brand. While creating long-form content on a specific topic enables your audience to be more focused on what you are expressing.

When people are more focused on reading your content, it will create a stronger brand authority by increasing the level and thus the time spend on your content. Thus, for creating strong brand authority creating long-form content is helpful.

Additional Back linking and Organic Traffic

Backlinking is one of the key factors of SEO and highly contributes to optimizing content. By making use of backlinks you are attracting more traffic towards your content. Long-form content provides additional backlinking and thus make your article reach more people.

As a result, you can attract more audience to your articles. Moreover, the traffic you get from backlinking is real and authentic. Thus, it is the easiest way to attract more traffic to your site organically. Creating long-form content and utilizing backlinks is highly beneficial for getting success and growth in less time.

It Boosts SEO

Long-form content will naturally give a boost to your content by making it reach more people. Long-form content is SEO optimized, SEO friendly and make it appear a stable and authentic content and good SEO agency can help to reach top position in google. As long-form content creates a stronger brand authority, so in the same manner, it enables people to spend more time reading content.

The more comprehensive your content is more are the chances that people spend quality time reading it. As a result, you can generate higher conversion and higher leads through long-form content. Thus, if you want to make your content naturally optimized then it is important to make use of long-form content for your business.

Get more Social Shares through Long-form Content

Long-form content is a great source of getting more social shares. Once, you created long-form content, optimized it through SEO tactics and got traffic. There are more chances that your content will get maximum shares and hits by your own existing audience.

Writing comprehensive quality content will make your audience spend more time reading your content. If you have written precise detailed content on a specific topic it will get more social shares and as a result, you will get more organic traffic. Long-form content is also the easiest way of getting more social shares.

Higher Conversion Rate

As you get more traffic naturally by applying relevant SEO tactics on your content, such as backlinking. it will help you increase the conversion rate on your site. You get more traffic by writing optimized content, in return, your audience spend more time reading your detailed article. As a result, you can increase the conversion rate on your site.

Using long-form content will increase the time spent on your site by your audience. It helps in generating higher leads by increasing the conversion rate on your site and articles. Thus, every small business must create long-form content for faster growth.


Long-form content is one of the trending marketing strategy in content marketing. As long-form content allows a businessperson or an entrepreneur to write a detailed content on a specific product or service. As a result, it increases the time spend on your site as well as attract organic traffic. Thus, every business must utilize long-form content for their brand.

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