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What Goals are Available in Google Analytics and Which Should You Use?

May 18, 2021Technology

When you own a website or think of setting up a website, there are certain objectives, right? That’s where Google Analytics comes as a savior that helps to monitor different activities in your website. And as a result, helps your website or business grow.

Google Analytics provides you accurate data and information about your website. As Google Analytics comes with different goals for you, so it’s not possible to apply all of them at once. So you need to decide which goal you should use for getting the maximum output.

 But the real question is, what goals are available in Google Analytics and which should you use?

What are Google Analytics Goals?

When anyone visits your website, purchases any goods, plays any video or even spends time in scrolling, Google Analytics goals trace these actions. Moreover, it also sends a report to you.

Google Analytics tracks every action your visitors take on your new website.

Your visitors’ actions on your website are a step away from them becoming your customers. So when you need to set specific goals to meet some specific objectives.

Google Analytics helps you set 4 goals for your website or business. Let’s take a glance at the goals-

  • Destination
  • Duration
  • Page/Screens per session
  • Events

1.   Destination Goals

The Destination goal deals with region/place/destination.

If you set a specific page and want to know its traffic, you can set a destination goal. So whenever any person visits that specific page on your website, Google Analytics goals will track it and notify you. It’ll also count as a conversation rate.

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On setting up the destination goal, you can see the number of people that landed on your website or web page.

Moreover, destination goals can also come in handy for eCommerce businesses or stores. You can trace the completed order with this goal.

Now let’s move on to the next goal, the Duration Goal.

2.   Duration Goal

The Duration goal calculates any users visiting time on a website.

Let’s make it more clear. Spend 10 minutes on a website by going through its contents. The destination goal will send a report to the owner mentioning the amount of time you spent there.

Suppose you fix a goal like you want to see the people that stay on your website for more than 5 minutes. So the Google analytics will show you a list of the people that remain beyond that time.

Keep in mind that the duration goal is unlike the traffic counting one. It’ll only count the active users that remain more time on your website.


3.   Page/Screens per session Goal

Alongside destination and duration goals, page/screens per session goal is another way to track the users.

Till now, we’ve seen that Google Analytics will track users based on page location and time spent on the website. But in this case, Google Analytics will only track users based on the number of pages they visit.

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This goal can be helpful to enhance your websites’ performance. When you want to show people more web pages, you can try out this goal.

4.   Events

Of all the goals that we’ve learned so far, the event goal can be the trickiest and somewhat complex of them to understand.

You have to set an event first before you put the event goal. These events include a video, forms, external or internal links, etc.

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If your users do any action on your website, the event goal will track them and send it to you. Suppose you’ve got a video on your website, or you’ve set up a form. So whenever r any person watches the video or fills up the forms, they will be caught by the event goal.

To set up any events, you may have to use JavaScripts to the contents that you want to trace (for example, play button, submit button). So whenever anybody clicks on these buttons, you can track them.

You can visit here to know more about the tracking guide.

Why are Google Analytics Goals Important?

For a better outcome, the business goals and Google Analytics goals should be on the same line. Google Analytics helps you monitor a wide range of critical indicators.

From onsite content to marketing strategies, Google Analytics helps you track each and everything. Many of these numbers illustrate what is doing well for your business and, most specifically, what isn’t.

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Google Analytics also helps you find any issues going on with your website. It supplies all the information with its AI technology. So once you know the problems, you can find the solutions as well, right? It enables you to refine and render the most possible content for your website.

Which Goal Should You Use?

It all begins with choosing which Objectives to build and which to avoid. Monitoring meaningless website activities as Goals can be almost as harmful as not monitoring any Goals at all. As a result,  you need to devote sufficient time and effort to achieve the perfect result that you want.

As we’ve read this far, you’ve already known about the four Google Analytics goals. We tried to give you a clear idea about them. Moreover, we also mentioned which goal should be perfect for which type of business or website. We are also maintain all things to develop your website.

So now it’s up to you to decide which goal you should use!

Final Verdict

As you’ve read this far, you’ve already known what goals are available in Google Analytics and which should you use! One thing we want to suggest is that you shouldn’t make frequent adjustments to your goals. Always try to keep your website objective and analytics goal in line to take the maximum advantage.

As a business owner, you need to adapt to goals that will help track your business and thrive! Do you think the same? Tell us in the comments below!


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