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what is progressive web apps (PWAs)

What is Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) & How It Will Affect You

April 30, 2021Development , Mobile Apps

People often believe the PWA is simply a website that is convertible to the mobile app. But, the truth is that the functionality of progressive web apps is vast. If you, too, are confused about “what is progressive web apps (PWAs) & how it will affect you,” then here you are.

In our content today, you will know what PWA is, its features, benefits, and purpose, and how it will affect you. 

The progressive web app is an exciting trend and excellent technological result for marketers as well as customers. So, let’s explore more about it with us today.

What Progressive Web App Is ?:

In general, some websites gradually become apps that are called progressive web apps. In this case, the skilled developers understand the productive way to design a website maintaining its reliability and engaging ability. 

Google in 2015 introduced and used the PWA first. You can consider a progressive website as a combination of a website and mobile app. but it is well suitable for desktop as well. 

It is faster to perform in a different browser. Using PWA, you have a great facility to deal with site developer’s advancement.


  • Offline Mode
  • Push Notifications 
  • Background Sync
  • Device Motions
  • Touch Gestures
  • File Access

How it Works

You can easily install the progressive web apps on your system. It runs through the Chrome browser after you have launched. Most significantly, it can work offline by leveraging data at your last time app connection. Also, it works the way loading faster. However, the PWA works through the following functions-

Service Workers

When you talk about its offline working ability, you talk about its service workers. While Data removal services help you to remove your data from the internet, this app stays sleepless to retrieve your data while offline. And, this is possible due to the service workers.  

Web App Manifest

The PWA can run in the full-screen in terms of its web app manifest. A web app manifest file is a JSON file. Also, it will allow you to assign an icon for your device screen, theme, and background color to your PWA.

Application Shell

The application shell of the PWA is the combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is necessary to power up your interface.

This is how a PWA works.

Why You Use Progressive Web App

The JSON file manifests the feature of this app to be visible on the device screen as other native apps. As a result, you have no requirement to get the website, and instead, you can easily access it from your screen PWA icon. 

Besides, the JSON file will let you change many of the functional infrastructures based on your needs. You will get all its Metadata readily available to have well interacted. 

Furthermore, around 30% of users get distracted from using different apps due to the complex installing process. 

In this case, if you think about the progressive web app, users can get through it effortlessly. They don’t have the option to get bored of the hazy downloading & installing process.

What’s more, the PWA has been improving its app’s features constantly to increase user retention. So, here, you have no extra burden to attract the user’s attention.

Advantages of Using Progressive App

You will have the following benefits from your progressive web app. let’s see what they are-

Easy Installation

You can install your PWA on your device’s home with no trouble. Unlike the native mobile app, it doesn’t require any complex installing process. You are allowed to access PWA through your desktop icon right after your downloading. Too Simple!


PWA is well linkable. This means the PWA will enable you to reload the site while you share your app’s URL.

Low Cost

You can consider the cost of PWA four times less than other native mobile apps. It is significantly able to reduce developer’s costs.

No App Updating Hassle

The automatic updating function keeps it updated repeatedly. Here, you have no updating issue for each of the particular periods.

Safe and Sound 

It has HTTPS support to control the MAN-IN-THE-MIDDLE attacks through service workers. And, you are entirely safe and secured to use this app.

Besides, the PWA is well responsive, reengage-able, reusable, progressive, fresh, and many more. In a word, it is a bundle of various advantages.

How Progressive Web App will Affect You

The most fantastic attribute of PWA that influences your browsing is its offline browsing modes. Once you have visited its site, you can revisit it even when you are offline.

But, its offline attribute will not support you unless you visit the site minimum for once.

Another best reason that will influence you dramatically is its home screen functionality. 

When we talk about Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, we can realize how great these apps are. Now you will be astonished that apps like Twitter or Instagram have been using PWA. 

They have launched their lite version as a PWA that billions of users can now use on their mobile phones. 

Most importantly, many people around us don’t have the opportunity to use a PC or laptop but mobile. Now think, if you can use PWA, how beneficial it will be to attract a large audience. 

Besides, its UI fits all types of device’s screen size.


Considering the reliability and user’s review, PWA is far better than any other native apps. Using this app, you will not get any pressure from frequent maintenance. 

However, we hope you have no more confusion on “what is progressive web apps (PWAs) & how it will affect you” anymore. As a developer, you will enjoy using PWA as it carries accessible infrastructures. 

It is the best platform to reach your business audience based on our experience. That will make your go smoother and easier. So, you can try this app with no puzzlement.

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