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What is Technical SEO everybody should know?

June 11, 2019Seo

Whenever we start a new blog or website, we tend to face a lot of competition in ranking our content higher than others on search engines. So, to improve the ranking of our content, we use search engine optimization (SEO). We know that SEO is mainly categorized as on-page SEO and off page SEO. SEO company solve all kind of problem and make it perfect for local SEO service and nation SEO as per client requirement.

Technical SEO is also a part of on-page SEO, but most of the general public do not know much about technical SEO. So, the question arises what technical SEO is? In simple terms, we can say that the technical terms which help us in improving the rank of our content.

Today we are going to discuss the essential points of technical SEO which most of the people do not know. Also, most of us think that these points may not play a huge role in optimizing your website in the eyes of the search engine. But the reality is quite the opposite, without further ado, let’s begin our list.

technical seo checklist

1. Page Speed

Yes, the loading speed of your pages matters in improving the SEO of your website. As search engines like Google, prefer the website which loads faster than one, which is comparatively slower. You can check the loading speed of your pages with several online free tools. Also, to improve the loading, try opting for a faster hosting and DNS provider and minimizing the code of your page will have an immediate effect on the loading speed of your pages. Also an SEO requires antivirus to secure his website and he can buy antivirus online using Paytm Referral with discounted prices.

2. SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Socket Layers certificate creates a secured link between a web server and a browser. The main difference that we can spot is in the URL of the website, as the SSL certified sites begin with https:// rather than http://. Recently, Google announced that they consider the websites without SSL certificates insecure and which will ultimately affect the ranking of the pages. Also, ensuring that your website is secured from malicious attacks will only help you in getting more and more organic traffic.

3. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

As the name suggests, AMP is used to speed up the pages for mobiles. We discussed above how speeding up the loading speed of a page will help you in improving your ranking. But as the format of the page differs in mobile devices so, using a code known as AMP HTML on your pages will drastically improve the page speed on mobile. If AMP is enabled on your website, if the user has poor network connections, the essential parts of the page will load faster so, the user can easily access it.

4. Mobile Friendly

It is quite evident that mobile phones have become quite a significant part of our lives in the past ten years or so. Mostly when we use our smartphones for surfing on the internet, and if your website is not mobile friendly, then you are running a risk of losing a significant amount of organic traffic. Try using a responsive theme which supports desktop, mobile, and tablet users. Next time when you are optimizing a page, make sure that it is mobile friendly so, it can be easily crawled. Also, Google offers tools like Google Webmaster tools, Google mobile test tools, Google search engine console (discussed below) to make sure you don’t miss put on keeping your website as responsive as a desktop on mobile devices too.

5. Sitemap

Another vital aspect that several people ignore is creating an updated sitemap of their website. A sitemap is a map of your entire site which helps the search engine in understanding the whole website while it is crawling it for indexing. Also, the format of the sitemap should be in XML. A sitemap also provides information about the last modified dates of your pages to the crawler. Moreover, with the help of a proper XML sitemap google an easily spot the difference between things like picture and videos, cool isn’t it?

6. Google Search Console

Google search console is a tool for submitting your website and pages for indexing by its search engine. If you have registered your website with the Google Search console, the tools provide several more features apart from allowing your pages to be indexed. It provides detailed analytics of your websites, such as the backlinks associated with your site or average position of your content on Google. Another tool for this purpose is the Bing Webmasters Tools, as the name suggests this tool will provide detailed analytics about your content on Bing.

7. Duplicate Data

It is natural if you have a substantial amount of data on your website, there are chances that there might be some duplicate content too within the original one. If duplicate content is found on your website search engines, tend to ignore the content entirely as it may lead to confusion for users and the search engine crawlers themselves. So, make sure you don’t have any duplicate pages on your website, otherwise, be ready to embrace for a heavy blow on the traffic of your website. If you are looking for engineering jobs then it could be better chance to try it.

8. Internal Links

If you have a website which has hundreds and thousands of page, there is a possibility that a user might have to toggle between several pages to get to the content he is looking for. But optimally it shouldn’t take any user more than 3 clicks to reach the destination page. If there is a lot of congestion on your website, it will eventually drag down the speed of your website. And, as we discussed earlier search engines such as Google and Bing will place a faster website higher than you in their search index.

These were some of the best facts that you should know about the technical Search Engine Optimization beforehand. Although maintaining the SEO of your website is a vital part for ranking your content above other competitors, having a well-written content will definitely give you an edge above others. At first know SEO Practices in 2019 So, before focusing on the SEO make sure that your content is up to the mark.

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