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What Would Be Best Between UI/UX Designer vs Web Developer

What Would Be Best Between UI/UX Designer vs Web Developer

June 10, 2021Web Design

If you are looking to have some skills in the internet world then you can be a designer. Either you can be a UI/UX developer or be a web developer. So, what would be best between UI/UX designer vs web developer?

If you want to choose to developer as your career then you will need to work hard as both the developments we are covering today are tough to master. You will need to practice more and more to get great proficiency.

In this content, you will get to know complete information about UI design, UX design, front-end web development, back-end web development. You will also know which would be better for you according to your knowledge and skill. So, let’s start.

What Does a UI/UX Designer Do?

If you are thinking of how to becoming a UI developer, you should know the UI/UX terms first. First of all, UI means use interference, and UX means- user experience. For example, when you see a good website design, some info-graphics, designs, and many more proportions appear. You can click on the clickable options as a user, which indicates your experience while visiting that site.

The UI indicates the site’s outlook, which gives comfort to the visitor to engage with the website more and more. A simple UI can attract more visitors than a messy UI.

On the other hand, the UX helps to give more comfort to the visitors to interact with that site. The UI/UX designers design the Graphical interference and make it work. So, you will need to have the skills if you want to be a UI/UX designer.

You may also ask, do UI and UX designers do the same? Or what does a UX designer do? As both, the designs are different, so UX designers work differently and create different projects, which helps to run the UI designs.

What is Web-Development?

Do you love to code and want to learn different languages? If yes, then the web development sector is for you. A user interface programmer does a great job running a website with the knowledge of visitors. They do user analysis before coding a website.

Here different types of codes are used to make a website fully user-friendly. The web developer does it creatively with the help of different coding languages. There are two types of web development-

  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development

Front End Web Development

The front end of a website means the pages we see after opening a site. It’s like user interference, and there is no option to change it for the visitors.

The visitors of the site are only allowed to see what is offered to them. A simple front-end development can engage more visitors if it is developed attractively.

A website’s interference depends on the quality coding of a front-end developer. If you are thinking of building a website’s front interference, you need to learn front-end development coding.

Back End Web Development

The back-end developer does the development of the back end of a website where the site runs smoothly. Here the developer needs to interlink the front end to the back end and also ensure that visitors can go from one page to another.

The quality back-end coding will determine how fast the visitors can interact with the website information. The utilization of back-end coding will be to the point when the developer will optimize the coding perfectly.

Every website owner wants to make his site faster with minimum loading time. In that case, a back-end developer helps to do that by coding perfectly.

So, in a nutshell, a web developer with front and back end developing skills will make a relation between UI/UX design and the site when it goes live.

Difference Between UI/UX Designer and Web Developer

If you want to know the difference between front-end developer vs UX designer, you should check out the following comparison table. From here, you will get a clear idea of how you can differentiate between UI/UX designer and web developer


UI/UX Designer Web Developer
A Ui/Ux designer designs the web page. A web developer creates a web page.
Use graphical software like- illustrator, InDesign, photoshop Use coding language to create projects. Like- HTML, CSS etc
Do product design and UX research to get the best output. Does the code improvement task faster the website speed.

What Should You Choose From UI/UX and Web Development?

If you are thinking of a UX designer vs. web developer salary, you should know that salaries can’t determine your progression. It depends on your passions what makes you comfortable to do.

Again, if you want to design UI/UX, then you will need a high-end computer. On the other hand, if you wish to go with developing web pages, it requires less configuration of computers, but you need to learn more than one language to start.

If you live to work with logic, you should go for the web development sector where if you have an interest in graphics, you can choose UI/UX design.

A professional front-end web designer’s salary or a professional web developer’s salary depends on their skills and performance.


  1. Can a web developer be a UX designer?

There is no confidential information about a web developer that can’t learn UX design. If you can learn UX design, you can go for that even if you are a web developer. Moreover, the web development skills will help you to understand the UX more and make it easy to learn.

  1. Is UX front-end?

Front-end design is a technical way to design the website to increase user interaction. This is not a front-end design, where UI design is a front-end design.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood What Would Be Best Between UI/UX Designer vs. Web Developers. It depends on the passion and capability to learn, and the profession depends on the skills you have earned. You should choose the one which makes you more comfortable. As you know, it’s not easy to acquire these skills overnight, you should practice more and more to increase your proficiency.


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