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Which targeting option can help you reach people who’ve previously visited your website?

April 26, 2019Marketing

It is very important that your website continues to receive traffic from old users alongside new visitors. If you fail to capture your audience with high-quality contents, it’s highly likely they’ll seek their information from someplace else. And in this time of extreme competition, you’ll fall behind your competitors pretty soon. So, you need to make sure that you not only produce high-quality contents, but they also reach people who’ve previously visited your website.

When you look at successful websites, you’ll notice that they are receiving an endless amount of traffic from their old, trusted visitors. Adding the increasing number of new visitor’s traffic these websites generate to this, they enjoy overall much-increased surplus user traffic. So, how do you do the same and make sure that your old visitors continue to visit your site?

Hows to target people who’ve visited your website earlier?

Here’re some specific ways you can make sure that the visits from your old users continue flowing. Of course, the obvious ways to achieve this is by providing excellent contents. Apart from this, you can use the techniques mentioned below to reach people who’ve visited your website previously.

  1. Remarketing
  2. Device targeting
  3. Demographic targeting
  4. Interest category targeting

Continue reading to find out more about each of these options and find out which option suits you the most. Remember, a suitable targeting mechanism is the factor here. Choosing the right option for your website is very important as it can make or break your website revenues.

1. Remarketing

When thinking about how visitors come at your website, the first obvious idea that comes is Google search. People usually always search for things of their interest in the search engines first. Most users choose to go to a website from the first or second page. In extreme cases, users might be tempted enough to browse more search results.

So, a new user discovers your website from a simple Google search or advertisement maybe and comes to visit you. What happens most of the time is that they browse for some time. If you’ve presented the appropriate product or contents before his eyes, he may stay a bit longer. Otherwise, he’ll go to browse the next site, the one from your competitors!

Only a handful of these new visitors will buy a product from your site or read your contents on a regular basis. So, what do you do to gain some profit from those visitors who didn’t convert and went to seek their solace in someplace else? This is where remarketing comes into play. Remarketing is how you present newer ideas to old visitors that didn’t convert in the first time but may do so in the future. You know that they were interested in your product at some point!

The best way to do this is to get involved with your old visitors. Make sure that in some way your business stays connected to them. Maybe you could make them sign-up for a weekly newsletter. Or perhaps they can like your Facebook page or follow your website on Twitter or Instagram. In this way, you’ll be able to appear before the eyes of people who’ve previously visited your website. There is a significant chance that they may like your next product and convert! So, you should always try your best to get involved with your visitors as much as possible.

2. Device targeting

Device targeting is arguably among the best options you can find for bringing old visitors back to your site. The technique is actually pretty self-explanatory. In this targeting method, you will target people with specific device information like device types, operating systems, device models. You can leverage this powerful targeting method to bring back old users or visitors to your site effectively. Google lets you utilize this to enable you to reach a far greater extent of audience.

When targeting old visitors who’ve visited your website previously based on their device, you can adjust your bids for tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers. To make sure their customer experience sits at the topmost levels, Google has incorporated next-generation technologies to find out which devices are used by your visitors. By analyzing this information, you can find out which device types are used most by the majority of your regular visitors and target these devices more aggressively for future conversion.

Thanks to the recent advancement in the field of analytics, you can find very powerful modern-day tools that can be used to fine-tune your targeting campaign. You can utilize robust modern-day services to find out whether people mostly visit your website from desktops or from mobiles and can plan your device targeting based on that information. If people mostly come into your site from the latter devices, you should emphasize on curating a whole new campaign targeting mobile devices.

3. Demographic targeting

Demographic targeting is another effective way to keep bringing old visitors who’ve previously been to your website back. It is a form of advertising where you choose your audience based on demographic parameters such as age, gender, location, language, annual income, parental status, and such. Effective utilization of this type of advertisement can help your website garner much traction than your fellow competitors and will surely increase the conversion rate.

Before targeting people directly with demographic parameters, you need to make sure you’ve discovered the right group of people who come back to your website repeatedly. Collect user data like their location, age, etc for utilizing them later to target them again. When you are confident that people from a specific group visits your website much more times than others, select that group for demographic targeting.

4. Interest category targeting

Targeting consumers based on their interest is always going to work like a charm. As it turns out, only a handful of people step outside their interest zone when looking for something on the internet. If you are able to utilize this form of targeting effectively, then you can reach to an important group of people. When people first come at your website, you know they were interested in some of your features but later chose their solace somewhere else.

But hey, “they were interested! right?”. If you can leverage this information and present better ideas before their eyes, they may come back to your site again. This is the option utilized by most top-notch websites where they employ techniques that cater specifically to a person’s interest — thus resulting in a much-increasing number of visitors than their competition.

Ending Thoughts

Targeting old visitors effectively is must if you want your website thriving. If you fail to bring them to your site even after targeting them with the methods mentioned above, the chances are that your product quality is awful. In this case, you need to fix the issues as fast as possible. Otherwise, your chance of doing a successful business out of your site will go in vain.


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