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Front end vs full stack

Why do you consider yourself a Front-End or back-end, or Full-Stack Developer?

August 9, 2021Development

Web development is an indispensable part of the modern information and technology sector. Even it will grow another twenty per cent over the next ten years. Nowadays, Each and every country has developed their IT sectors. In this Continuity, middle east countries are improving their IT sectors too.  I can state that website design company Jordan is improving in this sector. So, It is understood the web development profession is a high paying job in the IT sector.

So, if you are determined to be a web developer, it is essential to know about front end vs back-end vs full-stack. Although full-stack is most demandable in the recent era, every stage has an individual stream.

In this guide, we will tell you about the difference between front end vs full-stack. We hope this guide will give you a clear idea about the following factors.

Front end developer definition, skill and salary

Front end:

The front end refers to the things of a website that a visitor can see when they visit. It is also known as “client-side”. Also, know that front end development is related to colors, fonts, dropdown menus, search box and sliders.

Front end developer:

Front end developer is responsible for taking care of the user interface and website style. It means a front-end developer generally makes the webpage structure and modifies the structure.

The front-end developer does everything necessary to enhance the look and appearance of a website.

Front end developer skills:

A front-end developer has in- depth knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS3 scripting language. If you want to be an expert on front end development, you must be skilled in these three languages.

Good to know that HTML works as a skeleton of a webpage; CSS improves the style. On the contrary, JavaScript is the most proficient language for front end development. Moreover, Query, Ajax, UI are also great for front end skills.

Front end developer salary:

Do you know about the front-end developer salary? Ok, we are breaking down this for your convenience. The average yearly salary of a front-end developer is about $104,893.

Back-end developer definition, skill and salary

Back end:

Back-end refers to the factors that a visitor doesn’t ever meet. Everything related to a website background is called back-end or “server-side” development.

Back-end developer:

A back-end developer works to make the software for the background basement. Without back-end development, a webpage can’t run at all. So, a back-end developer proves their skill by making software for the server-side.

Back-end developer skills:

A back-end developer should be skilled in PHP, Python and Ruby. In the meantime, they must be skilled in Microsoft SQL and MySQL database technology. However, the back-end also has proper integrating knowledge between the scripting language and SQL language. Whenever a user searches anything on a website, the database connects with the script programming PHP or HTML.

Back-end developer salary:

Let’s know the back-end developer salary. A back-end developer has gotten a higher amount of yearly salary than a front-end web developer. Their average salary is $128,880 in a year. You should be reporting discrimination, harassment, or a safety issue, and if your employer begins to treat you differently from other employees. You can also visit hkm.com to get in touch with employment lawyers who can help you.

Full-stack developer definition, skill and salary


Full-stack means maintaining total efficiency on the front end and back-end web development. It means a relationship between the server-side and client-side.

Full-stack developer:

A full-stack developer is responsible for tackling all of the back ends and front-end development. Even they must have to be efficient to work with several frameworks. A full-stack developer is called a root of web developer because he has skills in everything from beginning to end.

Full-stack developer skills:

A full-stack developer needs to have the ability to manage tasks efficiently at all stages of web development. For example, a full-stack developer is skilled in project planning, database operating, data structuring and executing an entire project. In short, the full-stack developer should have enough knowledge in all sectors of web development.

Full-stack developer salary:

Due to the versatile and in- depth knowledge in every sector, the demand for a full-stack engineer salary is very high. They logically deserve a decent salary, and that is higher than front-end and back-end developers. So, their average full stack developer salary is $ 112,788-$150,000.

Which should you prefer yourself among the Front-end vs Back-end vs Full-stack

Features Front-end Back-end Full-stack
Responsibility Take care of all user interface and webpage style Take care of all background server-side functions Take care of all front -end and back-end task of a full webpage
Skills Should be skilled on HTML, JavaScript and CSS3 language Should be skilled on

Microsoft SQL and MySQL database with PHP and HTML

Should be skilled on

HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, Microsoft SQL and MySQL database

Average salary per year $104,893 $128,880 112,788-$150,000

Which should you prefer yourself to be among Front-End or back-end, or Full-Stack Developer?

You already know about the three main types of developers. Also, you know which is more accessible: front end or back-end or full-stack as we have mentioned the average salary of each developer. So, it depends on you which you prefer for your career. However,

If you have the mentality to work hard, you might want to consider becoming a full-stack developer. Before that, you must be proficient in the front end and back end.


1)   Which is better, front-end or full-stack?

Full-stack is better than front-end and back-end because it is more demanding to the Employers. Due to the complete web developing knowledge, a full-stack developer gets a higher salary offer. Most business owners love to get an employee who has versatile and complete knowledge of this sector.

 2)   What is the difference between front-end back-end and full-stack?

The main difference between front-end, back-end and full-stack is skills in several languages. For example, the front-end needs to know PHP, JavaScript and CSS3. On the other hand, the back-end needs to know about the server-side technology like Microsoft MYSQL and full-stack needs to know about all languages.

3)   Do full-stack developers get paid more?

Yes, the full-stack developer gets paid more because they are experts in every language and management of development.

In addition, employers prefer to have one more skilled worker instead of two. And that’s why they offer higher salaries for full-stack developers.

4)   Does full-stack pay more than front-end?

Yes, full-stack pay more than front-end, and it is logical. We know that a full-stack developer has to tackle many more responsibilities than a front-end and back-end developer. So, they deserve a higher price than front-end and back-end.

Final Word:

Web development is a versatile sector where you can get chances to increase your knowledge. It would be the best profession for you because it expects web development to increase by 20% within the next ten years. So, it is growing with a lot of opportunities.

If you can stay tuned with effort and Patience, you can make a golden career. But our recommendation is to be an expert on the front and back end before entering into a full-stack developer journey. We are providing all kind of web design & development service.

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