Why manual outreach for link building is the way forward for SEO

July 20, 2019Seo

In order to drive in more traffic, a strong SEO is mandatory. SEO also assists the organization to get associated with the customers as well as new clients. SEO enhances the website’s ranking and also turns a website more remarkable. Apart from keywords and SEO, the most important aspect is link building. Winning links or link building is an approach of connecting other sites to your site. However there are a number of techniques for link buildings, manual outreach for link building methodology is utilized.

Let’s run through a few thoughts about why manual outreach for link building is the way forward for SEO.

Best link building approaches

Before getting to manual outreach for link building, it is important to know the best link building strategies. In order to gain editorial links, it is important to produce enhanced quality content as this would grab the attention of customers and get linked to your site. There are many types of contents that develop more links.

  • In-depth guide: An in-depth guide can be mentioned as a comprehensive resource on a particular subject. Such posts are loved by many as the site contains all details required. Such posts are linkable.
  • Original data: Any fresh data from surveys, studies or research is termed as original data. Such contents are beneficial as linking and citing can be done easily.
  • Visual content: The best-linking sites are sites that have more visual content. Visual contents have more of info graphics, charts, images, diagrams, and other visually oriented pieces. It is easy to link to visual contents than text contents.
  • List posts: contents that have techniques, top tips, etc. fall under lists posts. These contents are text-based, as they are easy to digest and many people are fascinated by such lists posts.

Such contents can be focused and used for link building as there are many advantages.

Blog posting services

Blog posting services is considered the most beneficial way especially when there are enhanced quality blogs. This is one of the natural, improved quality, optimized in-content links on other sites to your site and assists in boosting ranking and obtaining more traffic. The blog posting services try to get associated with high-quality sites and make a spot on the site for guest posting. They then develop high-quality unique articles with your links and place the same on the site by linking back to yours. By this way, relationships are developed with bloggers, businesses as well as journalists.

Link building techniques

There are many familiar link building techniques followed and need to be understood before initiating strategy.

Blog commenting

Almost all bloggers follow the idea of utilizing blog commenting as a link building approach. This is a good strategy as it can drive in interest and we gain an opportunity to reach other bloggers and groups. There are few recommendations to be followed while making use of blog commenting.

  1. It is mandatory to read through at least three posts
  2. Never forget to read through previous comments
  3. Do not attempt to offer a bio/reference link
  4. Try to promote your content socially
  5. It would be beneficial to write more than a tweet and minimal than a blog.

Through emails

For SEO to work, another way manually is to write emails to customers. When emails are considered they aren’t static for all. They are different for different entities and is written in a manual way to enhance the website. When manual emails are considered, they may consume time but have the capability to fine tune and grab in more customers. This method is able to get in more clients that the automatic method fails to do.

Need for inbound links

Inbound links are important and they are the ones that drive in more traffic. It is the inbound links that inform the search engine about the topic and hence inbound links enhance search engine ranking. Inbound links are treasured and hence can be used in the right way.

Quality backlinks

Being in guest posting services is a beneficial way of link building. Outstanding content is very important to gain quality backlinks. When there is a number of contents produced, promoted by means of social media and backlinks, then the search engine authority for the site would enhance. Bloggers can also write for publisher’s blogs and offer new thoughts in projects that they are working on presently.

Link building secrets

To elevate the business faster, few secrets assist in maintaining a competitive edge.

  1. Few ideas for link building are
  • Latest keywords to be researched
  • The latest keywords can be found by making use of social media monitoring tools.
  • With such tools, the long tail terms utilized by bloggers, journalists and customers can be monitored. Such keywords can be focused on link building and SEO.
  • The articles can be checked for keyword density for your business and check for the most commonly utilized keyword combination.

Existing links are to be checked

It is mandatory to keep an eye on present links of the business. The anchor text utilized in the blog post is to be reviewed and decide to switch to the best anchor texts. There may be links that point to the wrong page and to be changed to point towards the appropriate page. This can also be switched.

Monitor influencers

There are journalists and influential bloggers who discuss the industry or the brand. Make sure to monitor them. The influencers are to be offered with special coupon codes and deals. By this way, your readers are provided with special deals. By such deals, there are chances to include backlinks to the website. Such information can be informed to the PR team so that the influencers are involved in media outreach. This further enhances the chance to get links from them.

Demolish spammers

Your SEO efforts are hurt when the content is scrapped. To monitor for trademark infringement or copyright, social media monitoring can be used. It is always better to outright improved content scraping. There is a battle between link builders and spammers where link builders are reporting spammers for Adsense violations.

Monitoring potential link partners

It is mandatory to monitor link partners. Without featuring the individual it is important to monitor the ones conversing about the product or company. Keep an eye on the articles that make a mention about the business but do not link them. Find out if there are chances to gain a link. Monitor affiliate links. There may be bloggers who are part of the affiliate program move over and enhance commission and extend the discussion.

Many other link building techniques can be followed. Emails can be sent in the afternoon, visualization of ideas, strategies, and concepts to be followed, feeler emails can be sent first then close, link intersects can be used, pre-curated lists to be used, etc. These advanced tips are beneficial for link building.


Link building strategies discussed above are beneficial and would lead the business to success. Though there are ample tips and tricks for link building, manual link building can be achieved by guest blogging, by the creation and info graphic distribution and by being lively on social media. To rank higher in search engine results, the websites link profile is very important.

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