Why typography is the best option for Modern website design?

May 20, 2019Web Design

Most modern websites aim at furnish, their interfaces with beautifully laid out, eye-catching fonts that suit the content of the site. Typography is arguably one of the most crucial design issues when it comes to building decent modern-day websites. Typography is the art of talking to your readers without saying a single word. Users often emphasize more on a website’s font face than other design elements like sidebar or buttons.

How you use fonts across your website says a lot about your niche and helps you connect with people who resonate with your views. Utilizing the appropriate font faces will attract your audience and hold their attention to the content. Smart usage of typography can convey a sense of understanding to your readers and strike their awareness pretty fast. If you are looking forward to sending your reader’s information on a topic of their interest, setting the proper fonts will set the presentation and make your audience lean towards the content.

Why choose right typography ?

The right typography for your website will also carry the tone of your contents and will set the mood for your audience. Users like fonts that convey the meaning of contents even before they read it. However, you should abstain from using too many different font faces, or else users will be distracted from the materials. Using only a couple of fonts from generic font classes should do the trick instead. Always make sure to use clean and comfortable to read fonts. Too small or tightly coupled fonts tend to irritate the eye’s of users, and they might ignore your content altogether.

As modern websites aim at enhancing user’s experience to a whole new level, utilizing the right font faces is a must and should be thought of carefully. Your audience should feel a sense of excitement instead of feeling bored and leveraging clean and vibrant fonts are a great way to ensure user engagement. When looking at modern-day websites, you’ll find out how they incorporate user-friendly font faces to comprehend users while making sure their agenda is reflected at the same time.

Why use typography for modern website design ?

Modern website design also depend on typography largely to establish an information hierarchy. These websites help their audience determine the essential parts of contents quite quickly by utilizing different sized fonts of several types. This is a very powerful mechanism that allows site owners to convey the key points of a conversation without needing to put up too many details. Clean and concise typography also helps them to create a balanced harmony in their contents.

Typography plays a very crucial role when it comes to communicating with your audience. Optimized typographic elements with loads of vibrant colors can help your website stand out from crowd at the very first glance of your users. Good and effective use of typography strikes a deep chord with your visitors and makes them yearn more of your site. We have seen many websites with inferior contents to shine just because they took clever measurements when implementing their typography.

Why visitor dislike your website

On the contrary, a huge number of websites fail every day despite having very top quality contents as they fail to resonate with their visitors in terms of design. If you look closely at some of these websites, you’ll find they did not put enough emphasis on their use of typography. As a result, the visitors did not like their appearance and chose to find their information from someplace else. As a top-level web consultant for over the past decades, thus we ensure you that without a properly laid out and thought-provoking typography, the chance of your website failing is significantly larger.

Right Typography

Thus, optimizing your use of typography is of extreme importance if you want your latest website to survive or shine for that reason. You should never use more than three different font faces as we’ve told earlier, else your visitors might face a really hard time keeping up with all those different font styles and might feel too irritated to even give your site a try. Always bear in mind that too many styles make your site look unprofessional and irritating. So you should give extra emphasis when it comes to selecting the fonts.

Another very important factor when selecting the font faces is siding with fonts that are popular and hence familiar to the eyes of your visitors. Since a lot of new, fresh, and exciting fonts are being produced each day, you might be tempted to use some of these on your website. This is, however, a not so great approach as most of such fonts are not familiar with your visitors eyes and as a result, they might find them uncanny or too clever, resulting in their withdraw from your site overall. You should always try to stick with fonts that have been proven a success and stick with them, at least for initially.

After you have chosen the most appropriate font faces for your new website, you should now limit the line length to a reasonable limit. We have found limiting the line lengths up to 60 characters to be a plausible matter and many successful websites employ this line limiting scheme. The right width selection is extremely important since it manipulates your readers into going on with your contents and read more and more posts.

If your website is meant for mobile readers only or they are your primary target, then limiting this line length to 30-40 characters is a good option. These type of typography is proven to resonate more with readers that browse the web in handheld devices such as mobile smartphones, tablet devices, etc.

Your typeface is of significant important too when it comes to defining the typography of your website.  You should opt-in for a typeface that works well in various sizes and doesn’t distort when used in different user interfaces. Always try your typeface in mobile screens else you might find out later they don‘t actually go that much well with smaller screens.

You should also avoid using all caps in your website’s typography as much as possible. They are fine in contexts where everything is not readable but in other cases, they seem and feel quite irritating. Your users might dislike your use of such typographic decisions and find his/her knowledge from someplace else.

The font faces of modern websites are also part of the site’s identity. Establishing astounding typography throughout your website will help people recognize your site faster than most of your competitors. If done correctly, the right typography will become your website’s greatest friend and help you gain more and more audience each day. So, selecting the appropriate typography is extremely important if you want your site to be successful.

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