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Why UI/UX plays an important role during developing a successful app and website

September 26, 2020Web Design

Do you have experience with slow website loading speed?

How many times do you find that an app stops working after opening?

Do you ever find that you got nothing after clicking the app menu?

According to a flutter developer, a website or app’s user experience and interface are crucial factors that can determine its success or failure. Slow loading speeds can cause 39% of users to disengage with your content, while an unoptimized mobile experience can lead to users abandoning your app. These negative experiences often result in uninstallation. To avoid losing important data or content, it is essential to backup WordPress regularly.

As a website/app owner, you must know the importance of UI/UX to get the most out of it. Here I am going to explain the importance of UI/UX and how they can help your business. So, let’s dive into it;

Importance of UI/UX for developing a successful app and website

The importance of UI/UX for developing apps and websites is enormous. Let’s see some importance of UI/UX, which are essential for any app and website success;

1.It attracts users

It doesn’t matter how good your application or website is. If it can’t grab users’ attention, then it will fail in the long run. That’s why UI/UX comes into the game.

User attraction is the number one importance of UI/UX. The design of UI/UX grab the attention of users at their first impression and make sure that they spend as much time as possible. But you should make sure that users can understand the design and navigate easily.

2.Wins heart of your users at the first impression

You may hear that the first impression is the last impression, and it’s very true for your app/website. Your website/app should have qualities to win the hearts of your users at the first impression. In this regard, UI/UX can play a crucial role.

When someone visits your site/app, they should be hooked to it instantly. Keep in mind that a good app/website is capable of winning users’ hearts at first impression, and it can be done with great UI/UX design.

3.Brand building and UI/UX goes hand to hand

It is tough to find a person without a mobile phone in this modern age. That’s why the internet medium has become the number one marketing channel for every brand. If anybody needs to know something, The visitor will use the mobile or other devices to search for that on the internet. People try to find the branded app or website for their solutions. If someone needs to find your company and connect with it, The visitor will try to find out your companies website or app.

Usually, people will know about your business, services, products, and brand on the app or website. To represent your services and products properly on your website/app, you need a great user interface. Because the user interface presents the value of your business in front of your customers, And great user experience leads to customer satisfaction, which increases your brand recognition.

4. With the help of UI/UX, you can understand your customers easily

What comes in your mind if you want to build an app/website? Of course, your audience. You will always think about what your customers need and will add features according to their needs. By doing this, you will understand your customers better.

You will improve your website/app day by day; thus, understanding with your customers will increase. On the other hand, with the help of UI/UX, you can understand your customers browsing behaviours such as what features, services, products they like most. And this will help you to understand your customers more easily. Good UI/UX is help to improved the SEO.

5. A perfect UI/UX design helps to gain customer satisfaction

It doesn’t matter how qualitative products or services you have. If you can’t represent it correctly In front of your customers, then your business will fail. To provide better solutions in terms of design first, you need to understand their needs. With a great UX/UI design, you can deliver engaging content and smooth navigation to your customers. It will satisfy your customers, which will result in customer satisfaction.

6. UI/UX helps to bring massive traffic

Yes, you’re reading right. Excellent user interface and user experience can bring a massive amount of traffic to your website/app. If your app/websites user interface and user experience are done properly, customer satisfaction will increase. Therefore, traffic on your website/app will increase. Moreover, it can also help you retain lost customers.

7. Conversion rate is directly connected to UI/UX

No one can deny the importance of UI when it comes to conversion rate. It is almost impossible to achieve a higher conversion rate without a great user interface. It is a known fact that most of the visitors close the browser window after the first impression. Here UI comes into the game. A good user interface can stop users from taking this action.

On the other hand, when users stay on your site/app after clicking on it, this short moment consider to be the most crucial time for optimizing conversion rates. If you can use this moment properly, then you can increase the conversion rate dramatically. Make sure that you create an environment with the help of UI, which helps users to understand that your service or product is best for their needs, and there is no alternative to your product or service.

8.It saves your time and money

Perfect things don’t need time to time recreation. It is also true for UI/UX. If you develop a great UI/UX, then chances are very slim that it will need further recreation in the future.

When you develop UI/UX for your website/app, make sure that you consider all requirements of your customers, so that you can avoid updating and recreating the UI/UX again, as frequent updates will cost time and money.

9. Makes your customers loyal to your brand

Attractive apps bring more users, and it’s a common fact. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok all are very attractive apps; one of their growth secrets is their attractive UI.

End of the day, great user experience makes customer satisfaction, which makes users loyal to your brand. So be careful when designing your app/website UI/UX, as it is a crucial fact when it comes to brand loyalty.

Final words

As a website/app owner, it doesn’t matter what types of improvements you want to bring. You can’t accomplish it without an efficient UI/UX. The IT industry is very competitive. If you want to be successful in this field, you must ensure great UI/UX for your app/website. This industry is also changing frequently. But the core of the UI/UX remains the same, so try to implement the core element of UI/UX in your app/website.

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